Photo: Brahmaputra River along Assam.
The true spirit of the people is really not dominant, it is amazingly curious to do the undone, or turns eagerly adventurous to recreate the best and because of that reason many people have been trying for different adventurous events from times immemorial.

Assam is a real geographical masterpiece with uneven rivers, mystic blue hills and incredible terrains which wait for the adventurers to visit and concur all of them.
As the serene beauty of the green forest and tea gardens rejuvenate highly the mind and the soul, as the wildlife attracts to explore the deepest and the colourful culture contributes the immense pleasure to the mind of the every people, the mighty Brahmaputra and its untamed tributaries offer the best challenge for Rafting.
Likewise, some of the most popular and attractive adventure activities offered in Assam are as under:

River Crossing: River Crossing has been the most challenging even popular adventure in Assam since time immemorial. Assam is a land full of rivers and water bodies. Many times people havebeen taking challenge to cross the mighty river Brahmaputra, one of the four largest rivers in the world and of course, one can make effort of rafting down the mystic river from Ninging to Dhubri and enjoy the serene beauty of the adjoining green forest of Assam.

Photo: Boat Racing. Source:
Boat Racing: One of the most popular events organized broadly with festivity in Assam is Boat Racing. The mighty river Brahmaputra is the main source of attraction in such water sports. The most popular Boat Racing has been organizing often during festive occasion at places like Hajo, Sualkuchi, Barpeta, Guwahati, etc. Besides Brahmaputrariver, the other places for boating in Assam are Dighalipukhuri in Guwahati city, Chandubi Lake in outskirt of Guwhati city, Umrangshu Lake in KarbiAnglong district, etc.

Angling: Angling is now becoming popular in Assam and the best rivers for angling in Assam are as JiaBhoroli, Kapili and Manas, etc. Annual angling competition is regularly held at JiaBhoroli and many anglers from outside the state as well as abroad participate in the competition every year. This popular event is organized generally during the month of November every year by the Assam Bhoroli Angers’ Association in collaboration with the State Forest Department.

River Cruise:Assam is thereal heaven of natural beauties where the untamed rivers can provide amazing adventure to witness the real stillness of the countryside of Assam sphereincluding mystic blue hills and serene terrains and wildlife. Taking the mighty river Brahmaputra, it will be full of fun and joyful adventure to cruise down from Ninging to Dhubri.

River Rafting: Not required to mention again that Assam is full of several beautiful rivers and the mighty river Brahmaputra and its turbulent tributaries likeManas, JiaBhoroli, Kapili, Disang, Dikhow, etc. offer immense scope for river rafting. The water current of these rivers is tremendously high to have thrill of adventure.

Eco-Camp: The fringes of the Nameri National Park offer the facilities of Eco-Camp. Nameri is the ideal gateway for such adventurers.Other than Nameri, other places which offerfacilities of Eco-Camp in Assam are the Jaipur Rain Forest in Dibrugarh district and the beautiful Margherita in Tinsukia district, etc.

Elephant Safari, Kaziranga National Park
Jungle Safari:Wild Assam is the most attractive which activates one to enjoy with high-spirited activities like jungle safari and eco-camp. There are some renowned jungles in Assam such as Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Nameri National Park, Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and of course, the bird mystery of Jatinga may give the real mystery to the adventurers.

Trekking and Rock Climbing:The hills of Assam like North Cachar Hills and Hills of KarbiAlnglong district are really ever ready for Trekking and Rock climbing. Other than that, the one famous rock-hill in Morigaon district offers plentiful scope for Rock climbing. This rock-hill is locally known as “Hatiuthapahar” (in Assamese language) which means “Elephant-climb Hill”.The noteworthy fact is that there is one big rock looks like an elephant. This Elephant Climb hill, which is full of rocks, appears like sky-touching to see from the low level which has also a big rock on its peak. It is really amazing rock-hill in Assam. Again, the Simhasana hill of KarbiAnglong district is also famous for rock climbing. On the other hand, Guwahati, the principal city of Assam, is surrounded on three sides with high hills which offer ample scope of Trekking. Geleki near Nazira in Sivasagar district also offers good scope for Rock climbing.

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