Harsita Utpal - A leading child artiste of multiple talents in the cultural field of Assam

Little Harsita
A lovable little girl has been drawing attention of countless people now-a-days for her charming nature of anchoring on TV reality shows and acting in TV serials as well as films in Assam. She has been associated with some popular TV shows of channels like DY365, Rang, News Live, etc. and at present co-anchoring on TV reality show of Bihu dance “DY Bihu Konwari 2014”.
The TV viewers in Assam will never forget for her association with popular shows like “Maina Mel” in Rang channel and “Mur Gan Mur Pran” of DY365. She has been growing with individual performing experiences from her early age. She has also performed in different musical shows with the Assamese singing sensation, Zubeen Garg. In the present cultural panorama in Assam, her name is associated as a leading child artiste in manifold entertaining fields like singing, acting, dancing, anchoring and recitation, photo model, etc. and she is none other than little Harsita Utpal, well known to all.

Harsita anchoring DY Bihu Konwari 2014
Little Harsita became recognized and popular to the public at her tender age. In 2008, her beautiful photo model was published on the cover page of monthly magazine ‘Nandini’. Her child model photo has been publishing in different yearly calendars which are also adorably distributed widely even in overseas.

Touching the hearts of many viewers for the role as a little daughter of a sightless mother in the TV serial ‘Bharaghar’, Harsita could acquire complementing praise from every household of Assam. Her flawless acting in “Sukula Meghar Cha” is also appreciable.

Her singing talent was recognized at the age of 6 years while the music video album “Aap Ki Harsita” was released. She sang “Dum Maaro Dum” pleasantly. Likewise, the music video “North-East Kolabori Mix” became very popular in all over Assam as well as India.

Harsita performing at C.K.B. College, Teok
Along with academic pursuit, little Harsita is constantly exploring herself in cultural works, such as, video album, TV shows and serials, live performance, etc. As a leading child artiste she will be seen in the forthcoming Assamese films like ‘Kanchan’, ‘Sandhikshan’ and ‘Kshobh’. Her single voice music album “Harsitar Gaan” will be releasing soon.

Parents of Little Harsita originally hail form Jogduar (near Teok) of Jorhat district, Assam and she was invited to perform in the cultural programme organised on the occasion of Closing Ceremony of Golden Jubilee celebration of C.K.B. College, Teok during February 1-3, 2014; which she took the opportunity to entertain her parents’ locality and the large audience were spellbound to appreciate her beautiful performance.

Harsita as a host of Maina Mel
Born on 4th June, 2005 to Mrs. Ruprekha Das and Mr. Utpal Das, presently resident of Nayanpur, Ganeshguri, Guwahati; Harsita is a student of Class-IV of Heritage Euro School, Guwahati. She is learning music under the guidance of Mr. Sushil Bhatta. For the beautiful start in cultural arena, Harsita backs appreciable parental inspiration and love of the people of Assam as well.

Dimorian Review hereby takes the opportunity to wish her bright future!
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