Exclusive Interview with Jyotikrishnan Kumar Kalita, HSLC Exam 2014 Topper in 2nd Position

Jyotikrishnan. Photo credit: Ajit Das
Jyotikrishnan Kumar Kalita has been secured the 2nd Position in the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) Examination 2014 scoring 581 out of 600 (96.83%). The result of the HSLC Examination 2014 was declared 28th May, 2014 which was conducted by the Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) during February-March, 2014. Born on 4th December, 1997, Jyotikrishnan studied in an Assamese medium school,
namely, Sankardev Sishu Niketon, Maloibari and he appeared the HSLC Examination from the Khetri High School exam-centre.

Jyotikrishnan is a son of Shri Atul Kalita of the village Maloibari Bori Para under P.S. Khetri, Sonapur Revenue Circle of Dimoria, Kamrup (Metro) district, outskirt of Guwahati city. It is to be stated that the greater Maloibari area is famous for agriculture producing rice crop and vegetables. Shri Atul Kalita, father of the shining star Jyotikrishnan is basically based on agriculture, but somehow he manages earning from a small grocery shop in their local place. Parents, other family members, well-wishers, friends including his school are proudly happy on his achievement. 

Jyotikrishnan with Parents. Photo credit: Ajit Das
A total of 3,69,075 students appeared in the HSCL Exam 2014, out of which 2,26,685 students emerged successful. A total of 39,906 students secured First division and 82,793 and 1,04,886 students emerged as Second and Third division respectively. Top 10 Positions emerged by 25 students. Shri Achyut Ranjan Gogoi of Nazira Jatiya Vidyalaya who secured 585 marks topped in the 1st Position. The Government of Assam has already announced that all the position holders will be given opportunity to visit of NASA.

Dimorian Review tried to have an interaction with a few topper students and hence, Jyotikrishnan was communicated through which he has told many aspects behind his success. Following are the excerpts that he shared in interaction.

DIMORIANREVIEW: First of all, Congratulations to you for your outstanding achievement in HSLC Examination 2014. Would you like to share about your hobby/hobbies?
Jyotikrishnan: Thanks. I like Gardening and listening to music.

DR: You have shown outstanding performance in the HSLC examination. What are the subjects you have studied in Class-X?
Jyotikrishnan: Subjects with the marks obtained are: Assamese 94, English 95, Social Studies 95, General Mathematics 99, General Science 100, and Advance Mathematics 98 (As elective subject).

DR: How did you prepare for HSLC examination? Did you follow any reading schedule for each subject?
Jyotikrishnan: I used to read regularly. Personally I practiced with mock tests. The mock tests helped me to find out the areas to improve more.

DR: How many hours you devoted in study per day for preparing the HSLC examination? Was it sufficient enough for preparing the HSLC examination?
Jyotikrishnan: For HSLC examination I studied regularly 15-16 hours. I studied for test (pre-matric) examination also. I read each subject daily 2-2½ hours. I did not neglect any subject. Yes, I think the time I put regularly in studies was sufficient.

DR: Did you have a dream of achieving the position that you have obtained in the HSLC examination?
Jyotikrishnan: Yes. My parents were also hopeful.

DR: Would you like to say something about your success mantra?
Jyotikrishnan: Regularity in study and importance to each subject.

DR: Who is the sole inspiration for your achievement? To whom particularly you like to give the credit for your achievement - parents/teachers/friends/all of them/any other else?
Jyotikrishnan: My parents, grandmother, my uncles, and teachers - all inspired me a lot and support me in study. My friends also helped me a lot and they always insisted me in academic discussion. In our class, we were 13 students in Class-X and all students have passed very well, out of which one student has also obtained distinction. The ‘Pradhan Acharya’ of our Sankardev Sishu Niketon, Maloibari, Shri Naren Baishya helped us all around.

DR: In HS what is your interest to study - Science/Arts/Commerce?
Jyotikrishnan: Science.

DR: Where do you planning to take admission for study HS?
Jyotikrishnan: I would like to study HS in Cotton College, Guwahati.

DR: After HS what will be your career interest? What is the aim of your life?
Jyotikrishnan: Passing the entrance I am interested to study Mechanical Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

DR: Do you agree that the syllabus you have studied in school is alright? Or, would you like to say for inclusion of any Subject/Topic in the syllabus? Or, did you find any Subject/Topic irrelevant in the syllabus?
Jyotikrishnan: Yes, but little more advanced coverage is required which may help students for study in HS. No, there is no such irrelevant topic.

DR: What will be the message you would like to share with the readers or, a message for the students presently studying in Class-X.
Jyotikrishnan: Maintain regularity and dedication in study. Equal importance to every subject is required. If somebody can follow this, getting an expected outcome in HSLC examination is possible.

DR: So nice of you. Dimorian Review wishes you good health, more success and happiness in life. Have blessings of the Almighty. Thank you.
Jyotikrishnan: Thanks.
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