‘Musa Velutina’, a million dollar banana variety with ornamental appeal, originated in Assam

Musa Velutina
‘Musa Velutina’ is popularly known as ‘pink banana’ or ‘velvet pink banana’ as it looks like rose-pink in colour and grown as ornamental plants generally. The ‘Musa Velutina’ variety of banana is one of the beautiful banana plants of the ‘Musacease Juss’ family. The origin of this variety is stated as Assam, North-East India. Recently on 9th June, 2014
this variety plants have been spotted with fruits at Bamboobari, Nazira in Sivasagar district, Assam.

The ‘Musa Velutina’ plants are grown at wet place. Its height is generally 1.5m approximately. It gets beautiful look with slender stem, yellow-green to purple-green. Leaves are oblong, approximately 30cm wide, dark green above, pale with red-mid rib below. Although it varies in size and shape, plants are inflorescence erect. Fruits are rose-pink or bright red or purple velvety. The fruits produce is less in volume generally which are full of seeds and gets peel themselves back when ripe.

Musa Velutina ripe
Banana is the most loved fruit around the world. But although this variety of small banana plants is typically used to decorate the landscape for their ornamental appeal, the fruits are actually edible. ‘Musa Velutina’ is much softer and sweeter in taste having the best flavour with ample nutrition and water.

A small ‘Musa Velutina’ is well suitable for indoor use, but still it can produce soft, hairy pink banana fruits if given proper warmth and light to grow. It is fast grower, fast to fruit. So, ‘Musa Velutina’ is not only a simple banana plant, it can also offer million dollar business opportunity to everyone.

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