Ballad of Sita

By Dr. Jyotirekha Hazarika
Translator: Partha Pratim Barua

There seldom exists a lover Ravan in streets and pavements
There exists in every house a Ram in disguise beating the drums of truth
There is conflict in all ages between Ram donning the fake apparel of being calm, quite cool and serene
And the ultimate lover Ravan despite having all the signs of a demon
There’s conflict in all ages love and revenge
Lawful and illicit

And Sita?

Sita can also be thought of like this:
A luxurious piece of furniture in a house, an old almirah or an old sofa-which
Cannot be thrown out
Whose utility is coming to an end, yet it cannot be ignored
Until death touches it naturally

Suppose –
Today’s Sita is not shy-to be swooned at the very touch
What is the need of Sita to offer herself for Ram’s test by fire?
How much deep love can be to bear Ram’s insult?
Today’s Sit is well aware of –
Today’s Sita does not wear bark without protest,
Neither does she follow husband’s footsteps in exile
Being enchanted by the illusory deer she doesn’t become a prisoner of
Ravan’s Ashok Garden
Today’s Sita can judge on her palm the two sides of love and deceit of a coin

Oh, the learned! I’m asking you –
Would the Society welcome Sita with such a psyche?

Today’s Ram can leave Sita time and again in a mass jungle, there is no fault
Today’s Ram can stamp Sita’s love time and again, there is no remorse
Today’s Ram can stop all roads for Sita’s return to Ayodhya, Society is blind
Today’s Ram can time and again order test of Sit’s chastity by fire,
Society is a silent onlooker

For today’s Ram Sita is not a symbol of love, but merely a coarse sexuality,
It’s true like the day
To buy womanhood needed only money and wealth
To buy transient love of women on the streets needed only name, fame and social recognition.
And the women who’ll come to Ram’s life by that road
Will she be a Sita?

Ravan’s love was true – Sita knew that too
Else, would she draw Ravan’s portrait after her return to Ayodhya?
And hadn’t she mistaken Ram’s deceit as love
Would’ve a pregnant Sita been exiled?

Sita’s relation with Ram was fake even at the start, breaking of Haradhenu was a gimmick,
No love was there, merely pleasure of victory over the feudal chiefs

Does the society, which through the ages, teaches women the lesson of Sita’s
tolerance, no

Today, there is no Ram, nor there is Ayodhya …

About the Author: Dr. Jyotirekha Hazarika, Associate Professor, Department of Assamese, J. B. College, Jorhat, has good contribution to literature with some beautiful  poetry books, such as, Akou Brindavan, O’Mur Bukur Jurani, Seikhon Duaredi Surjyoday Dekhi, Song of Myself (Translated own poems into English & Hindi), Edin Teo Uloti Ahibo and Rag-Basanta. Read more>>

                             Dimorian Anthology of Poetry, Vol-1, Issue-1
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