Photography Workshop for Children and Exhibition Organises at M. C. Club, Nazira

It was an effort by some enthusiastic persons engaged in photography and under the aegis of Sivasagar District Moina Parijat and ‘Revolution Creative’ organized two wonderful events for the first time in Sivasagar district on photography at M. C. Club, Nazira, Assam in connection with the observation of World Photographic Day. The Photography Workshop for Children
organised on 17th August, 2014 was on experimental basis, through which it was tried to impart knowledge among children about a camera and its important functions in taking lovely photograph. They were taught some kind of basic knowledge what is a camera, what a camera does, etc.

On the other hand, Photography Exhibition, organised on 19th August, 2014 in connection with the observation of World Photographic Day, was a beautiful experience which could drive attention of the spectators on photography. Most of the children were seen thrilled on some rare photographs disseminated. A discussion session was tried to deliver regarding aspects and prospects of artistic photography. A photography contest particularly of photograph taken vide mobile phone was held in all Assam basis.

Raja Baruah displayed some awesome and rare photographs of Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary and Dibru-Saikhowa National Park. He first showcased a nice documentary on Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary called ‘Glimpse of Gibbon’s Land’.

Mayur Kumar Gogoi, an enthusiastic photographer, explained about the technology behind a camera and its history in the workshop. He displayed some very rare and antique photographs of Dikhow River, which uncovered the story of the tea packets shipped to England.

Akash Pradyut Konwar and Monuj Dutta also exhibited their photographs including aerial photographs of Nazira. After 1950, Monuj Dutta is the only photographer to take aerial photograph of Dikhow River and Nazira.

The children participants and other spectators including gents and ladies enjoyed the programme very much in both the days. Such kind of programme is expected to become popular creating awareness among school children which can even revolutionize the thrills about photography. The aim of this programme was to provide basic knowledge of photography making aware about easy access of this kind of art.Many people cannot buy a camera, but understand how a camera helps to store memories and history.

It should be noted that World Photographic Day is observedthroughoutthe world on 19th August every year. On this day the French government purchased a patent of a special kind of Photographic Process called ‘Daguerreotype’ and announced the invention as a gift ‘Free to the World’.

Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre were the key persons of this ‘Daguerreotype’ which was developed in 1837. Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce is known for the oldest surviving camera photograph called ‘View from the Window at Le Gras’ using another photographic process called ‘Heliography’.

It is said that a picture is a worth of 1000 words. People love photography, but for working with photography some basic tricks need to know to a photographer so that one can take a beautiful photograph. Taking such things under consideration, the team of enthusiastic photographers joined hands to organize the above events. They are optimistic on popularity of such kind of activities. Hence, they are interested to extend such kind of workshop and exhibition anywhere in Assam for the benefit of the interested children in particular and the society as a whole.

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