In the fond memory of Hiren Bhattacharyya
Dimorian Review e-Magazine, Jul-Aug 2014 issue was released as special poetry issue. The inaugural issue of poetry with the title 'Dimorian Anthology of Poetry' (DAP) was successfully released online on 7th July, 2014. After two months, the second issue of poetry has also been released effectively on 7th September, 2014 with great enthusiasm for the readers and poetry lovers. 
This issue of DAP has been dedicated in the fond memory of a great poet in the Assamese language, Hiren Bhattacharyya (28th July, 1932 – 4th July, 2012), who is also popularly known with some other names, such as, Hiru da, Sugandhi Pokhilar Kobi, Premaru Rodalir Kobi (Poet of Love and Sunshine).

Offering respect through this issue of poetry collection of national and international authors to the Sahitya Akademi Award winner poet Hiren Bhattacharyya, whose poetry is the best implementation of words, presenting the feelings of love and patriotism, rebellious sentiments and the secrets of heart that loves solitude stand out. He was a poet with fine balanced in the usage of words; with innumerable creative works he received many awards and accolades.

We are dwarf to say anything about him, how much we say is too short, but we have a mind to love his beautiful work and hence, would like to share something as fan of Hiru da.

The poet presented love in human being with outstanding words. Love is a special feeling which takes place in and within the heart along. As he said, “Prem sage enekuwai aboron khuli hridoy jurai” is very much popular in young generation of poetry lovers.

The love to the nation of the poet was by heart and soul and so he said, “Desh buli kole adesh nalage”. His expression through poetry was the weapon in his hands. Further, his love to the world and the nature is like a deep thirst. One of his famous poems is quoted in the context of death as “Death is also an art, greedless sculpture, carved on the hard rocks of life”, in Assamese: “Mrityu’u tu eta xilpo, Jibonor kothin xilot kota nirlobh bhaskarjya”.

Conveying complex emotions directly with the readers is an art of his writing which is simple and lucid manner, but led him as a very popular poet of the contemporary Assamese literary world. He was a man of rare vision, insight intellect.

Releasing this issue of Dimorian Anthology of Poetry, we offer our sincere honour to the great soul of poetry, Hiren Bhattacharyya. Whatever we do is very small for him, still we have made an effort to acknowledge him and his work, for any kind of unwilling mistake, in this regard, our benign prayer to you for an excuse.

Since beginning we have been receiving overwhelming support and cooperation of the writers and love of well-wishers, readers from different parts of the world. So, hereby we take the opportunity to express sincere thanks to all them as they are our inspiration and strength in making our effort successful. Again, we hope their continued support and cooperation in all the future endeavours without which we are too short even to dream.

Sincere thanks to a nice person, Dr. Prafulla C. Deka, who unconditionally accepted our offer for the Editorship of this issue. He is Addl. Chief Medical Officer in Indian Oil (Ex), Senior Consultant Physician and Visiting Consultant Physician, Guwahati. Besides his busy schedule, he has written many thoughtful and popular poems in Assamese, Bengali, Hindi and English languages. We take this opportunity to express gratefulness to him for affording his invaluable time for shaping this issue.

Sincere gratefulness to the contributing poets of this issue! This issue contains acollection of twenty four (24) beautiful poems from the authors all over the world. One of the poems of this issue is related to September 11, which gives us a chance for a prayer for the world peace and harmony. For some reasons unavoidable we could not cover some beautiful poems (Including poems received other than English language) and we hope to publish all such creative works in future issues. We hope the poetry lovers; interested people will love reading this issue and hope they will like to know more about the poetry of Hiren Bhattacharyya at their end. If you have something to say, we request your kind-self to let us know.

VOL-1, ISSUE-2, SEP-OCT 2014


…excuse me, all contributors to this issue has been dedicated in the name of one and only one Hiru da… please remember, like the subject in my own composition ‘close to my heart’, Hiru da is also so close to my heart.

I admit I am most probably not qualified enough to be editor of a collection of poetries composed by reputed, established and accomplished persons. Nevertheless I am not only honoured but also fortunate to read a good number of poetries from all over the globe.

I started writing (composing) from the age of about 8+ but I composed my first one in English when I was about 20+, and was in GMC, which was ‘edited’ by one of my senior friends. I remember the title… ‘In search of pearls’ published in our GMC Journal.

Since then, it has been a long way… I like to express my feelings about poetry in just six words in Assamese… ‘monchui jay…monotroi jay..মনচুইযায়... মনতৰৈযায়(touches my mind… remains inside my mind).

Please keep on composing… an engaged writer or composer cannot remain blind to what is happening around. Poetry is not all about moon, sun, star, sky, wind, love… it’s sure beyond all these… the sky is the limit, so there is actually no limit, but your imaginations.

With best wishes,
Dr. Prafulla C. Deka

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