O, Mighty Banyan! I Cry for You

O, mighty Banyan, I cry for you,
I saw you, huge, towering,
Fluttering merrily in the field,
Showering many things to the world frozen,
Without any quota and will.

It was feast to mind and body,
Clothing our bare mother earth.
Alas! The feast was cut short…..
O, What a sad scene!?
Mighty Banyan was cut down.

Lying lifeless, withering and decaying,
How helpless and sad the mother felt,
Without her dear creation?
Why do trees thrive?
If this cruelty is their fate.

Still they flourish, knowing well,
They will be cut down,
Only to fragrant the earth.
Why man kill these high and mighty things,
Who bestows the world with priceless gifts?

O, mighty Banyan, you blessed Lord Buddha,
With knowledge divine.
Why don’t reincarnate yourself?
To teach these beguiling people,
A lesson of love and humanism

If I have the power,
I would have stand you again,
But helpless I am….. helpless,
Except eyes who see this plunder,
And water the wounded mother earth with tears.

O, what a happy sight!?
Tender tendrils shoot, visible again,
From the womb of wounded mother earth,
Mighty Banyan is born again,
To forgive and bless the repenting world.

O, man don’t cut these priceless gift of god,
Care about your mother, fellow creatures and thyself,
To live happily with fellow brothers,
O, mighty Banyan never left us again,
Bless the world as you blessed Buddha.

About the author: Dr. Yogesh Sharma belongs to Khurja, Distt. Bulandshahar, Utter Pradesh.  His education was held at Khurja and higher education, (M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.) at Institute of Advanced Studies, Meerut University Meerut, U. P., INDIA. His research work Influence of Bhagawad Gita on Matthew Arnold is considered as outstanding scholarly work in literary circles. As present he is working as Associated Professor in S.S.N. College, (University of Delhi), Alipur, Delhi-110036. He is also Associate NCC Officer (ANO) in his college. [Read More]
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