By Dilip Bangthai

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is a place of worship located in Jorhat district of Assam. This holy centre was established by Sri Sri Madhavdev during 1528 AD (Or 1450 Sak). This has now become one of the favourite spiritual destinations in Assam.

During the month of Bhadra (Mid August to mid September) countless followers (Bhakat) from different parts of the country throng to this holly place.The big crowd of people is viewed every day during the entire month of Bhadra and in this holly month performing ‘palnam’ (devotional song performed by people in a group) everyday is the main part of worshiping the Lord. Countless earthen lamps and incense sticks forwarded in worship by devotees in and around the surroundings of the ‘Bornamghar’ make the naturally beautiful Dhekiakhowa like a heaven on earth spreading peace and unity. 

There are many stories associated with this ‘Bornamghar.’ In 1528 AD, Mahapurush Madhavdev arrived at Dhekiakhowa while returning from the palace of the then king of Assam and stayed there for night at the hospitality of an old couple living near the stream Buridiha. The old couple was very poor and they could only manage the meal with fern curry collected from the bank of the stream Buridiha.

But the Guru was satisfied and hence the name of the place was kept as ‘Dhekiakhowa’ (Dhekia means fern, Khowa means eating). During his stay, he installed a lamp (Bonti) there and enkindled it on the consent of the old couple and neighbouring villagers and asked the villagers that the flame would blaze forever if they took proper care. Since then the divine lamp is lighting even to this day.

This centre of art and culture of Vaishnavite religion of Assamis now more than 480 years old and although it has a good measurable land area, an auditorium of its own, the managing committee is working with short of fund for various activities of social welfare.

As the area of activities are growing with increasing number of visiting followers from different parts of the country and even from other countries such as Russia, America, and Germany, etc., the centre has still some needs of basic facilities including infrastructure which are not meeting at par with other religious places in the country. The committee has already started a music school for practicing as well as shifting the knowledge taught by the Mahapurush and many works are to initiate for which support and help is required from the side of the government.

However, government is providing some facilities including drinking water supply and a guest house, it is stated that although the chief minister of Assam gave assurance to establish a cultural complex in the name of Madhavdev there have seen no initiative in this regard till now. So the local people are urging the government to establish a cultural complex as MadhavdevKalakshetra keeping in view the importance of DhekiakhowaBornamghar in cultural exchange and tourism development in the state of Assam.

[A similar article of the author was also published in merinews in 2012.]
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