Pindari Baba
By Atul Chandra Kakoti

Why does asceticism come to the human life? When does it come? And how…? Sometimes these questions arise in my mind like a lightning of the sky and vanish instantly. Although these questions arise in my mind for a moment in various critical situations and time yet it draws a nebulous picture as mirage of desert. From this I neither receive an appropriate answer nor can I appear a fixed decision.

There is no any answer with me. I can’t think about asceticism in this beautiful world. The twittering birds, elegant nature, small rivulets – which are flowing melodiously, snow-capped high mountains, all these are inspiring me always. At this moment I remember a stanza of Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore, “I don’t want to die in this world” which in Bengali is called, “মৰিতে চাহিনা আমি সুন্দৰ ভূৱনে. I don’t know how a man can die in this beautiful world. And what is about asceticism? Is not the asceticism’s another name death? Is not the asceticism exempted from worldly concerns life? Is not asceticism the identity of absconding mind? I astonish how a man can turn into asceticism in this beautiful world! I don’t know how much clash or collision facing in his life a man can exempted from this worldly concerns life. I know only one principle “Survival of the fittest.”

Author with Baba at Pindari Glacier
However, I couldn`t be an ascetic. I have no that much of daring to be an ascetic. To walk hither and thither or roaming from place to place, night halting under a tree or in mountain cave, but after meeting the Pindari Baba I changed my concept of asceticism, home absconder or worldly munificent man whatever you say. I have seen Baba is a perfectly worldly concerned man. At present he is starting a well planning program organized by the children of Uttarakhand. He is dreaming a dream of educated and sound health Uttarakhand and also swearing for a beautiful Uttarakhand.

He is the Pindari Baba, also known as Swami Dharmananda, who is staying alone at Pindari Glacier “Zero” point, apart from 27kms away from last frontier village ‘Khati’, the last horizon with destitute of men. There is no any village or human inhabitance in between Khati to “Zero” point except two KMVN (Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam) Guest Houses, i.e., Drwali and Phurkiya. He is one of the most prominent and powerful ascetic (Sanyasi). It was a memorable day for me when I met Baba on the way of Pindari Glacier trekking on 9th June 2014 in between Khati to Drwali Camp for first time. Just he was coming down form “Zero” point to Khati village. I met him for a moment. Again I met Baba on 12th June 2014 in the Khati Village at his Ashram while returning back from Pindari Glacier. Actually it happened in the period of Pindari Glacier trekking program, which was conducted from 5thJune to 16thJune 2014. That day Baba was talking with Mukhiya, Pandit and a school teacher of Khati village in his courtyard. When we reached the Baba`s Ashram they cordially invited us and said to be seated on his courtyard`s boundary wall. After that Baba went into the Ashram house for preparing tea for us. At that time the school teacher Mr. Krishnakant Pant said about the Baba`s activity and achievement. He said that from Washam to Khati there is only one High school in this bigger area. Of course there is a primary school in the Khati village.

Author with Team mates 
at Piindari Glacier
Moreover, Kherna and Omula village has primary school one of each. There is only one teacher against 72 students in the Khati High School. Baba appointed another three teachers to whom Baba pay their salary from his own deposit (?) Notable that presently Baba appointed 18 teachers in deferent place of Uttarakhand. He also said, “I am the only teacher of primary school against 45 students.” I asked him about why there is only one teacher in the primary school? What is the activities of Uttarakhand government towards the education and development of Uttarakhand? He answered that Government’s negligence is always there, hill allowance, hard duty allowance or remote location allowance, there are nothing at all. On the other hand, local people’s negligence is an important matter. Local people co-operation is very important for a place development. Without the local people co-operation a place development is impossible. Now you say who will come to this place for teaching? And, why they will come? I have an infant of three months, he needs milk, but in this village nobody is ready to give milk for him. Because of their social ritual prohibition they never give milk to any outsider. That is why they don`t give a single drop of milk to other. They are so much obstinate minded even an infant also they don`t give milk. In this situation how can I keep my family with me! But, Pindari Baba is exception from this ritual rule. He is the only person who is liberal of such rule. Now-a-days they supply milk for Baba whenever guest comes to see or meet Baba. Moreover girls also come to Ashram for Baba`s help. Entry prohibited for ladies and outsider in the temple. They look outsider suspectfully. Like this some other more ritual prohibitions prevail in this village. So, any outsider can’t sustain for a long time in this village. When Baba appeared in this village first time he was also harassed by the people of Khati village. But Baba was an undaunted man, because of which Baba sustained in this village and now he is a prime member of Khati village, not only of Khati village, but also Uttarakhand.

At present he is working for Uttarakhand by heart and soul. He sustained in this village for a long tenure of 20 years for his rigid and determined mind. He renovated a temple in Khati village and constructed a new temple in Washam, even though he is not interested in construction of temple. He bears the expenses of 20 pupil of Khati village and some other places for their higher education. At present, they are studying at Bageshwar and other places. Why they come to the village they serve and devote for Baba. Today Baba whirls around the Uttarakhand and sometimes he runs away to Delhi and discuss with the Government about the education and development of Uttarakhand. Here a question arises – from where Baba gets money to do such welfare work? In the meantime Baba came out from his cottage with a teapot and some glasses on one hand and a packet of biscuits upon a plate in another hand. Baba served us himself. Drinking draught after draught the tea I asked Baba so many questions. From where do you get money to do this Welfare work? Baba said, “Well-wisher like you give me money.” Notable that, in the midst of discussion, I gave him a thousand rupee note. So he gave me the example of mine. “Many scholars and students come here for research. I help them as possible as I can. Now they are working in America, England, Russia, Japan etc. They help me financially as well as physically also, vide my Websitehimved”.

Author's family with Baba
at Guwahati Kamakhya Temple
I asked him again – Why did he come away from his home to this lonely frontier area? Any domestic or love affairs is there in his life? Or, is there food crisis in family life? For which reason he left his home? Like this more and more questions I threw upon him. But it was astonished that he invited me for more questions with a mouthful smile. Although those questions didn’t touch his heart at all. At last I asked him - where is his home? When did he leave home? From childhood he was very interested to be an ascetic (Sanyasi). His childhood name was Dhirendra. He left his home at the age of 20 years.

He belongs to the Dhamnagar village of Bhadrak district of state Orissa. At the time of coming out of his home he left two elder brothers and one younger brother and one younger sister. His father expired at his childhood and still alive mother. There was neither any food crisis nor any family clash or collision in his domestic life. Coming out of home for the first time he roamed around one place to another place. Thus one day he appeared in the Goumukhi. Here he met “Pilot Baba” and then he became a disciple of Pilot Baba. But his actual Guru is Aditi mata. He took asceticism from this Guru mata. Then he was renamed as “Swami Dharmananda”. After one year initiation of worshipping as a deity he moved to the Pindari Glacier. In the year 1990 Baba stepped into “Zero point”. From 1990 to till date Baba is staying in the “Zero” point of Pindari Glacier and Khati village. In winter when the foothills of Nandakot and Nandakhat covers by the ice then Baba comes down to the Khati village and again in summer he goes to the Zero point. Now Baba is 45 years old. He passed 24 years of his life in the Zero point.

At present Baba`s prime mission, village education and development of Uttarakhand. Preferring first prominence of village education development of Uttarakhand for which recently he commissioned a website, namely,, Himalayan Villages Education and  Development Program. Anyone can find details about the Baba activity here. If any well-wisher wants to help him then he can find Baba through this Website. Moreover, anyone can communicate with him by Email: It is said in Assamese that ৰাইজে নখ জোকাৰিলে নৈ বয়, therefore, let us go together for achieving success through Pindari Baba’s welfare works, so that we can give him a little bit of our precious time and power to flow this human workshop ever.

About the authorA trekker-explorer and mountaineer, Atul Chandra Kakoti is a good writer who has published two books on trekking and mountaineering in Assamese language. The different ranges and peaks of the Himalaya have been the mountaineering destinations for him. With an active personality and dedicated employee of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, who loves his native Kathiatoli, Nambar Gaon, Nagaon, Assam, he is also very much interested to trek more and explore the unseen and share his experiences of trekking and mountaineering. Read More

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