Dr. Jyotirekha Hazarika

Translation:Anmona Bora


Words become inadequate if you ask me to define ‘him’
I searched for ‘him’; search was on and on
to embrace many
I had to bathe in the river of disgrace many a times
The search continued to result in nothing but weariness
And I had to come back empty-handed 

I sailed my ferry boat in the river of sorrow in order to find ‘him’
Eagerly tried to find his footprints in the sands of time
Memories came rushing back to mind I peeped in
To bask for a moment in the glory of that golden sunshine 

It is still difficult to mention his name and address
His nameless existence is the source of my inspiration in the dawn
The same existence which results in inertia in the evening
Love and separation became ‘one’ in his existence
Once he is the spring and at the next moment he is the winter
My soul-mate in moments of sorrow
My companion of happy moments
It is him and him only. 

For me he is the cultivator of words
He can cultivate grains of happiness through his inspiration
He taught me how to find ‘man’ in the crowd of ‘men’
He taught me to be like a river to embrace the green banks
I learnt how to tolerate each hammering of deceit from him only 

Don’t ask me his name, address, community Caste and creed
And don’t ask me whether he is dead or alive 

His thoughts make me forget myself
Like a spring which loses
its existence in
its journey towards the sea-word river.                    

About the author: Dr. Jyotirekha Hazarika, Associate Professor, Department of Assamese, J. B. College, Jorhat has invaluable contribution to literature with some beautiful poetry books, such as, Akou Brindavan, O’Mur Bukur Jurani, Seikhon Duaredi Surjyoday Dekhi, Song of Myself (Translated own poems into English and Hindi) [Read More]

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