Somewhere, far away
air smells burnt leaves
stimulate chaos.

no wall paper in the sitting room
the dusted guitar lies unloved,
whose hands hold mine?

night of lanterns deepens
pleasurably medieval
now visible
those tiny stars
earlier lost in mist,

the light rays
scrape it across the wounds
something else emerges
offers resistance,

you wait there, fighting
against the inexorable pull.

sharp shadows on
the blank wall,
curve down through
and over the voice.

Still you connect me
to give hope-
darkness still lingers on.

About the author: Gopal Lahiriwas born and grew up in Kolkata. A Post Graduate in Geology, he works as a Geoscientist and currently lives in Mumbai, India. He is a bilingual poet, writer, editor and translator and widely published inBengali and English language. His English poetry books include ‘Silent Steps’ and ‘Living Inside’ and four POD books published by Lulu, USA. His translation works in Bengali *Not Just Milk and Honey*, (published by *NBT, India*), a collection of short stories of Israel is widely acclaimed. [Read More]


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