The word “Migraine” is often used in these days. It’s originated from a Greek word “Hemikrania” where “Hemi” means half and “Kranion” means skull. So, it denotes pain in one side of the head. “Migraine” is a certain kind of health problem associated with the brain. A person having migraine feels pain at one side of the head and might get nausea, vomiting and a sensitivity to light sound or smell. Some people suffering from migraine can aware about an aura where visual, sensory, language or motor disturbance signals for a headache occurring soon. It may last for 2 to 72 hours and happen due to environmental or genetic factors.

Yoga is an useful technique in the treatment of migraine. It’s an ancient healing process combining asanas, pranayamas, meditation and shatkarma etc. to rescue migraine. These processes are very much efficient to fight with migraine. Medical science is also recognizing yoga as a natural therapy to cure migraine across the world. Researchers find that practicing yogic techniques regularly for a few minutes can positively affect in treating migraine. Here, some beneficial yogic methods are recommended.

Asanas are body postures or alignments in improving the mental as well as physicalhealth. Some asanas are related with the circulation of blood to the brain. By doing such asanas, pure oxygenated blood can be supplied to the brain and it can be a positive factor to cure migraine. These asanas should be practiced in an open area full of fresh air and free from noise. Sitting asanas like vajrasana, ustrasana, matsyasana, vakrasana; standing asanas like tadasana, katichakrasana, ardha chakrasana, padahastottanasana; laying asanas like bhujangasana, dhanurasana, pavanamuktasana, shavasana etc. are very much effective in this context. People should choose which asana will be suitable to perform. Asanas are performed with proper breathing. So, whenever a particular asana is performed, people should have awareness on inhalation and exhalation. Basically, which asanas are focused on upper body will be helpful in managing migraine. The intensity of the asanas will be set according to the degree of migraine. 

1.2Pranayama:Pranayama is a breathing technique which is performed in a series of repetitive rounds. Pranayama cleans the 72000 nadis (energy channels) in human body. These channels provide vital energy to different body parts. Pure filtered blood can be supplied to the head. These balance the cerebral spinal fluid and stimulate brain which leads to healthy neurological responses. So, if a good neurological condition can be kept through pranayama then the risk of migraine can be reduced. Some effective pranayamas are- anuloma viloma, kaphalbhati, ujjayi, sitkari etc. Scientists say that pranayama has a positive effect on migraine by fighting with the pain with fresh blood circulation all the time. All the functions of brain and nervous system can be properly maintained and hence, there will be no chance of getting migraine attack.

Meditation is a continuous flow of concentration to a single object or thought for a long time. It’s a complete mental relaxation technique performed in closed eyes, and in an atmosphere free of noise or shout. Meditation is having the ability to treat migraine. Meditation keeps the mind relaxed. The brain waves pass in a synchronized pace to the different parts of the body through nervous system. And in keeping these brain waves active or efficient, meditation is helpful. So, a good nervous system with active brain function will have the power to fight with migraine. A strong mental condition always strives to have a healthy mind. That’s why meditation will definitely be an effective factor in reducing migraine. Meditation can be done silently or chanting mantras continuously.

Shatkarma is a cleansing process which is meant for internal purification. These are some activities performed by using some objects like sutra, neti pot or vastra. The practitioner excretes the waste materials from the body by performing shatkarma. Neti, dhauti, basti etc. are some methods of shatkarma. By performing shatkarma scientifically, our internal pathways get clean and the functions will run smoothly. There will be a proper balance between brain and circulatory system. So, if somebody gets affected by migraine then by performing shatkarma,the unwanted materials can be removed and the mind will have a healthy functioning of brain and it will eliminate migraine.

Now a days, yoga is considered as an alternate therapy in curing different diseases without medicine. Migraine is a burning question in this era of machinery life. Although, people are suffering from severe migraine attacks, they can utilize this natural way of healing. Yoga has no side-effects but, it should be performed scientifically with strict supervision from experts. Some good ways to remove migraine from human life have been discussed in this article. These ways have significant role to improve human lifestyle. Hence, yoga is an ideal way in the treatment of health problem like migraine to make a healthy and sound human civilization.

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About the Author: The Author, Rajkumar Bharali is pursuing Master of Physical Education, Third Semester (Specialization in Yoga), Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh). His permanent resident is Ramkrishna Nagar, Jorhat, Assam, India. [Read More]

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