I have walked upon this Earth
Losing myself upon the thorns of my youth
I did not feel terrible
In the instrument of my skin
For I have dedicated my life
To that piece of wheat
That I seeded in the wind
Making my way to the firmament
And the voice of the journey calls herself the harbor of time.

And the path I walked was the footsteps of my ancestors
That took me far along the way
One step at a time
To a new generation and a future designed by the architect of hope.

I saw lights of stars
On top of a country of dreams
And I learned that we all cross
A grand Ocean
And it is hot, and it is cold
And it is rough, and it is calm
And it is disturbed
Yet always it is loved

I understood that every country and every culture has her traditions and that I have brought my own contribution

The exchange of one foot landing on another patch of land and remain standing is a learned experience
one where Professors do not exist for we are all the teachers of our own values and students of destiny

And we learn in telling old tales
To one another
To remember where we came from
And why we want to change the world

It is in the  suffering, when our hearts are broken, when our minds are filled with worry, because we need to feed our hungry, that we become our own heroes

We accept every voyage without obstacle and not without remorse
And we remember our beloved place of birth
For the simplest of reason that we belong to it

Who can tell me how many were left behind?
Who can tell me how many immigrants have died?

To begin again and sweat a new life
It doesn't matter where
To make it a better one
Because our home is in our hearts
And our eyes see the stars

And if by chance they call me the immigrant,
I know that I am proud
because I worked so very hard
And all the world is one stage
to be played and danced upon

The land is like a map
It exists inside my veins
It is the root of my olive tree
A European in a new continent
And this is a BIG thing indeed!

About the author: Palma Mingozzi is a poetess and writer from Brooklyn, New York, USA. [Read More]

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