I do hate your language O you priests
You mislead the notion of religion
Which is not the way to found a nation
But to show the desperate humanity
That God does exist
Why do you fool the weak instinct of the humanity?
Whereas Love care and purity are the symbols of religion
Why do you stir the innocents to kill the innocents?
You are not the priests in deed
As you abuse the temples of God
But the ones who bear the pain of God to touch
The broken and empty handed!
You sit in temple made of humanity vanity
Whereas God does live with the destitute
in the huts  and streets
I wonder, from whence the people of no morality
Have occupied the holy places!
I asked Jesus – what is religion O Lord
Replied he- only in forgiving, ye shall be forgiven
And I understood, only with a loving heart
I forgive and am forgiven which he preached
It is the essence of religion, O it alone is
Then I prayed
O Lord, break my heart of all vanity
And give a new heart that loves
O you priests, let me tell you-
“God is love”
Come and join with me
Let us build the Kingdom of God on earth
There is the peace and joy
God will call beloveds by their names
O you priests come and join my hands

(Temple: any religious institution or place of worship)

About the author: Dhiren Doley is a poet of love and protest. He protests through his poems against evils of the so called religious system, political misappropriation and social white coloured evils. His language demonstrates non conformism for reformation. The poet sees God in the faces of the poor and oppressed. For him, temple is not the place to worship God but the poor men’s huts, the streets where the deprived ones are fighting the last hope of survival.

The poet’s poems are scattered in magazines, journals, and social media. He has not yet thought of presenting his poems in an organized form to the readers. As he and his hearts move around the nook and corner of the earth and people’s heart, his poems are so. Since he has promised nobody to present a poetry book, so everyone eagerly waits for his poem in the Facebook every day.

After all, Dhiren is a Christian Humanist who opposes the status quo maintained by the priests including Christian. [Read More]

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