Knowledge Management (KM), conceptually, is the process to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences of an individual.  In an organisational set-up KM is adopted with a range of strategies and practices for continuation and sustenance of knowledge shift for organizational dynamism.

Knowledge can be of two kinds - Tacit Knowledge and Explicit Knowledge. Tacit knowledge is highly personalized and hard to formalize as it resides in the brains of individuals. Explicit knowledge is documented and established in the form of books, reports, documents, manuals, etc. including Internet.

It is known that KM emerged as a scientific discipline in early 1990s. Sources state that many large organisations, such as, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Schlumberger, etc. have implemented KM successfully and achieved reducing trend of operational cost and augmented growth. KM process helped capturing knowledge and sharing the same among existing workforces for growth and sustainability of respective organizations.

Knowledge sharing practices, therefore, form a key component of KM. For sharing, tacit knowledge is to be converted into explicit, which is a difficult process. In this regard, as KM effort is needed for maximizing gain, participation in knowledge sharing is very important. Knowledge cannot be transferred, but it can be shared. Knowledge can be lost if unshared.  Hence, KM is a sense about a cultural change.

IT plays an important role in maintaining explicit knowledge through storing and transmitting in way of best practices. It is stated that the next phase of IT is KT, where KT stands for Knowledge Technology.

As we know that Wikipedia and Google are two wonderful websites providing limitless information sources. An exceptional website, Wikipedia is a free encyclopaedia, written collaboratively, improving thousands of information constantly by the people who use it. On the other hand, Google as specialised search engine, it provides endless information sources, without which nowadays one cannot think about Internet.

The English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator and author, Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power”. But nowadays it is stated that knowledge is not power, but sharing knowledge is. Knowledge sharing is what empowers people to make accurate and timely decisions.

Again, Dave Snowden, a Welsh academic, consultant and researcher in the field of Knowledge Management, states that “Knowledge can only be volunteered it cannot be conscripted.’’ “We only know that we know when we need to know it.’’ ’’We always know more than we can say, and we will always say more than we can write down.’’  This is because, skill differs person to person.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama XIV in Dalai Lama Quotes says, “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”

Sharing knowledge and experiences in a community platform is considered best. It may be that old knowledge can be barrier for embracing new knowledge. But responses will change over time. Social transformation is no sprint, it is a marathon.

From the above, it is spelt out that the journey of Dimorian Review e-journal is also a part of sharing knowledge. The team is always devoted for any constructive work for the benefit of readers at large, globally. Hence, we take an opportunity to appeal all to be associated with us in the journey of knowledge sharing.


We are happy to release this issue with some invaluable write-ups which includes four research articles, three essays on emerging issues, one book review, one short story, five poems and one success story.

We offer heartiest thanks and acknowledge to all contributors that helped us shaping this issue. We are always indebted to the honorary members of the technical review board for their timely support and cooperation.

We are committed in presenting and publishing all write-ups submitted, but due to some bindings of the e-journal, we could not cover all submission in this issue and request all contributors to cooperate till the future issues.

DIMORIANREVIEW, Vol-3, Issue-2; Mar-Apr 2016

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