By Emon Bhagawati

Mahim Bora is a versatile literary genius in the field of Assamese literature. He can be regarded as the master of Assamese short stories writings. His splendid, minute and detailed description of a simple subject-matter, specifically in the rural background makes the reader spell-bound. Kathonibari Ghat, the marvelous book of Assamese short stories, Bohubhuji Tribhuj, Eai Nodir Xoite, Rati Phula phul, Tinir Tini Gol, Herowa Digantar Maya etc. stands on the same footing of international short stories. One can find hopes and aspirations, struggle and despair, success and failure and determination of human life as depicted in Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea reflected in Mahim Bora’s short stories to a great extent.

Top’ is a beautiful short story by Mahim Bora, entailed in his collection Kathoni Bari Ghat. This wonderful short story has been translated to English by another renowned Assamese writer Lalit Saikia, titled as The Bait. The description of the background of the short story Top is indeed very charming just like his other short stories. Benu and Cheni are two characters who were born and brought up in the rural atmosphere. They have got ample time and used to spend it by hooking fish. They approached Haribol burha for preparing the string very much needed to tie with the hook. There is a strong belief in the village that the string prepared by Haribol burha is best for fishing by hooking. The writer’s description of each and every description of the events in the story is very interesting and also very simple. Mahim Bora writes on very simple and on general subjects. But, while doing so he endowed it with his unparallel literary skill and wisdom. People living in villages used to do simple jobs but with utmost care and dedication. We find youthful activeness and rural simplicity in the depiction of the characters- Beni and Cheni. But the characters lacks colourful variety on the other hand.

Top is splendid on account of its form and the unity of the actions but it lacks the colourful and variance in its content. In the story we find the dramatic elements from the beginning to the end continuously captures the interest of the readers which enhances its literary value. Also, its graphic narrative of the rural scenario is marvellous and lively. The writer spent his childhood days mostly in the culture-rich surroundings of rural Nagaon. So, in his short stories we find him as an observer of folk and rural situations.

Mahim Bora is a silent devotee of creative Assamese literature who worshipped the phenomenon of ‘art for art’s sake’. His creative sensibility, social consciousness and responsibility towards the society immensely strengthen his literary outlook and thus the society gets truly reflected in his wonderful literary creations. His step to the genre of short stories of Assamese literature ushers new horizon of hope and aspiration amid despair and disillusionment. He is one of the notable dazzling stars in the Ramdhenu age who devoted his whole life in reflecting true pictures of the then prevailing society and a urge to change it through his towering literary creation and thus capable of creating literature of world-standard.

About the author: The author, Emon Bhagawati has done M.A. from Dibrugarh University and as a student of literature she loves to endeavour the varied and new aspects of literature and also the bio-graphics of the great masters of the literary world.

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