By Lokesh Boro

In the beginning of the book, the author expressed her view that as a student of Economics, she always draws the attention on economic issues and the author tries to analyze from her point of view. When these views were sent to papers and journals and get published, they were well received by the readers. Most of the readers often suggested the author to publish a compilation so that it can serve the interest of the researchers and academicians by giving an analysis of all the important national and international economic issues in a single book. Inspired by this, the author has dared to publish this collection of essays published in papers entitled “Contemporary Economic Issues- a collection of essays” published by Bedakatha Books & Publications, Jorhat, 2016. In fact the author has been writing these valuable essays in The Assam Tribune and The Sentinel since 2007.  She hopes that the readers will accept the book in the same way they accept the author’s articles.

Based on the contemporary issues on economic phenomena, the entire book has been organized into fifteen chapters with covering i) Agriculture, Food and Rural Economy, ii) Inflation, iii) Monetary Policy and Financial Sector, iv) Growth and Development, v) Politics and Development, vi) Environmental Issues, vii) Tourism, viii) Gender Related Issues, ix) Health, x) Welfare, HDI, MPI and Human Rights, ix) Tax, Organized Retailing and FDI, iix) Corruption, iiix) International Issues, ivx) North East Economy and vx) Miscellaneous. The author mentioned Father of Mahatma Gandhi’s view that India’s future lay in her village in the article titled “Future of the Economy lies in rural market”. The author also pointed out that the importance of rural market is felt now in the face of global crisis and tried to show the factors responsible for the slowdown of experienced by India in 2009. In another article, the author also emphasized on protected farming where she stated that protected farming can provide for better utilization of sunlight and higher accumulation of carbon dioxide available in the protected environment resulting in bumper crops. In the way, protected farming can reduce impact of climate change. The author also raised her view on Industrialization of agriculture and evergreen revolution where she stated that the food processing sector of our country is growing at approximately 13.5% per annum. She said that as food processing involves with the methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for consumption by humans and animals, hence it takes clean, harvested or slaughtered components to produce attractive and marketable food products. In another article the author tried to show that Assam is affected frequently by flood. In this situation she tried to explain to what extent the farmers follow the cropping pattern. In her article titled “Prospect of popularizing Sports Tourism in North-East India”, published in Assam Tribune on August 9, 2009, the author viewed that the concept of sports tourism has revolutionized the tourism sector of different countries around the world. It is gaining popularity even in India. It is broadly defined by adventure sports and games in India. Apart from mountaining, rock climbing, scuba diving, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, surfing, water scooting, snorkeling and aero sports like ballooning, para gliding, and hang gliding, some traditional sports like boat race, horse race etc. offer attractive scope for sports lovers. The author also pointed out that the North east has the potential for growth of various adventure sports in the region. In this way the author has undertaken a numbers of relevant issues in this book that already published in daily news papers and accepted by the readers.   

In fact, from this book, the readers can also understand author’s view about the socio-economic and political issues. Dr Priyadarshinin, born in 1973 (a gold medalist from Gauhati University in Economics in 1997) wrote this book in English and no doubt it is a remarkable work done by her. Definitely, readers will get immense information and knowledge from this book. Last but not least, this book will certainly benefit the researchers, teachers and policy planners.

About the reviewer: Dr Lokesh Boro, Assistance professor, Department of Economics, DCB Girls’ College, Jorhat, Assam (India). He passed MA (in Economics & Spl. Paper, Econometrics) in 1999 from GU and was awarded Ph.D degree in 2013 from GU, Assam. He is associated as life members with different scientific bodies. As an author, he has contributed and published a good number of research articles in many reputed journals. Further, his writings are published in many magazines, edited books, etc. He is one of the Editors-in-Chief of the Dimorian Review e-Journal. He has written two reference books for BA degree students of the North-eastern Universities that already gained popularity among the communities of student and teacher. His areas of interest are econometrics, mathematical economics, arts and culture, literature etc.


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