Dr. Binita Bora Devchoudhury

The poet conjectures that every human being is endowed with a cubicle within the heart which he has termed as HONGFARLA. It is a Karbi word used for “chora ghar” in Assamese. Hongfarla is a place for the poet where human beings are allowed to talk to self, exchange thoughts and sense the warmth of near and dear ones. Most time the feelings remain unheard but sometimes life is injected to them through the rain of words and emotions. Poet Parag Devchoudhury’s anthology of poems “Mor Bukur Hongfarlat Tumi Nayantora” is a magnum opus in the true sense of the term. Glimpses of Japanese Haiku poems and Assamese poem written by self-esteemed poet laureate Hiren Bhattacharjya are found in Porag Devchoudhury’s poems. The poems are studded with meaningful and judicious use of words. For the poet Nayantora is nothing less than phoenix. Nayantora is the poet’s soul mate, his eternal love and happiness of life. Nayantora implies indomitable thrust of life that is floating uninterrupted. The poet finds in it the completeness of his incomplete life- “tor exar maromor mat/ mor jibonor bakharua baat”. Nayantora assists the speaker to retrieve his memories of childhood. The poet’s consciousness of using vocabulary and emotion arouses worth appreciation. He is in the mood of letting them just floating away. He has exploited them to its optimum level- “tor bukutalfuliya xabdar bhar/ botorar xexoloi narabi nayantora/ xamoy thakotei khetikhola kor/ anguli phakere olai aha xabda/ alfule muthi mari dhar”… For the poet Nayantora  enlightens his life in every season” – Nayantora, rati o phula neki toi ujali utho je moi? Toi hahile mor akax ujale/ rod aru jonak hoi”. Sometimes the poet’s positivity about life is noticed when he has talked about some eternal facts of life with the help of very minimum words- “xunya buli kolei jano xekh hoy akaxor neela/ xunya nahole kenekoi uriheten valpowar rangin sila…

Every poem of the anthology reveals a vivid portrait. The poet and his feelings are observed to be mingling away at an appropriate level in the poems. From the title of the poem to its last line, the anthology is full of romantic ideology. The poet is very much sure that poetry is his never ending love and truth of life “kabitak dekhilei pratibar mor bukut baraxun xare/ prabanchanar xekhot punar tai morei premot pare”.

The cover page of the book is designed by noted artist Jhanendra Barkakoti. Nabajyoti Devchoudhury on behalf of Techno Add Publication published the book on the 20th Nov., 2016. Price of the book is Rs.80/-

About the reviewer: The reviewer, Dr. Binita Bora Devchoudhury is an Associate Professor & Head, Department of Assamese, Bajali College, Pathsala. She has already translated 12 books from Bengali to Assamese including ANANDAMATH, CHOKHER BALI, MANDA MEYER UPAKHYAN, NASTA MEYER NASTA GADYA, TASLIMA NASRINER SWA NIRBASIT KABITA, KEMON KORE MANUS CINBEN, SAMPARKA etc. Three books on criticism and three books of poem named PREM ARU NIXANGATAR ALAP, PREM ARU NIXANGHATAR ALAPAT ANURAG, TUMI EJAK BARXUN ANANDA BIXADOR have been already published.

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