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The book titled “Economic Appraisal of Orange Cultivation- Application of Agricultural & Financial Economics” written by Dr. Bipul Borah, Vice Principal, Sonapur College, Sonapur, Kamrup (Metro), Assam and published by Techno Ed Publication, Guwahati in 2015. In fact, this noble work is the outcome of Ph.D degree awarded in Gauhati University 2013 titled “Economic Appraisal of Orange Cultivation: A Study in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam” under the guidance of Dr. Archana Sharma, Professor of the Department of Economics, Gauhati University.

The North eastern Region which is considered the major centre of diversity for a number of citrus is endowed with remarkable genetic richness in a number of plant specifies. Various species of citrus have grown in other provinces of India throughout the year. Among the most, orange has been cultivated from the long past. Further climatic condition and the other geophysical environment are sound and suitable for orange cultivation in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam particularly in the foot hill areas.

The book covers issues like traditional cultivation practices, allocation of area, production, productivity of orange, socio-economic aspects of sample orange growers, marketing of orange growers. One of the highlighting aspects was the loss faced due to lack of proper management in pre harvesting, harvesting and post harvesting periods. It is found that the loss amounts to 18.36%. The author has deliberately discussed the problems as well as the prospects of the cultivation in the districts concerned.

The major outcomes of the book are:
  • The productivity of orange in Tinsukia district was found better than all Assam average productivity (10.58 MT/HA) but it was found that the productivity is comparatively less in Kamrup, and Kamrup (M).
  • Among the total land used for horticultural crops, 46 percent of the total land was allocated for orange cultivation.
  • The study revealed that in Tinsukia district no extension of orange orchard and new plantation were found amongst the sample orange orchard and new plantation were found amongst the sample orange growers. In Kamrup and kamrup (M), it was found that some of the orange growers extended the orchards and new plants planted also in the orchards.
  • It was observed that the technical status of majority of the orange growers is high school level.
  • Most of the growers uses traditional methods for seed collection, growing the seedlings to orange plantation and production, harvesting and marketing. They consider orange cultivation as the subsidiary cultivation not as the main cultivation.
  • Majority of the orange growers take loans from either the contractors or the business intermediary. A few numbers of orange growers borrow loan from SBI, UCO and AGVB in the sample districts.
  • It was found that the technical guidance is not still supportive as the growers do not come forward for receiving the technical guidance from the different sources.
  • The maintenance cost of an orange orchard from the sixth years onwards was less in Kamrup (M) district which was Rs. 1702/- annually per bigha while in Tinsukia district it is found the highest in the Tinsukia district which was Rs. 9146/- annually. It was found Rs. 6155/- in Kamrup and overall of the three sample districts it was Rs. 6699/-.
  • Payback period of investment in orange cultivation in the sample districts was found to be 9 years. It means that the establishment cost of an orange orchard in the sample districts of the Brahmaputra valley gets returned within nine years.
  • Benefit Cost Ratio at both 12 percent and 16 percent rate of discount was found positive, therefore, investment is justifiable in all the sample districts in orange cultivation.
Overall it can be said that the book has able to show a distinct picture that the investment is profitable in orange cultivation. There is ample scope in both intensive and extensive cultivation of orange in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam particularly in the foot hills. The findings of the study have stressed on availability of financial and technical support as well as research and development activities for the improvement of orange cultivation.

About the reviewer: Dr. Lokesh Boro (born on 21 February of 1975) has been serving as an Assistant Professor (Grade-III) in the Department of Economics, Devi Charan Baruah Girls’ College, Jorhat, Assam (India) since 2000. Dr. Boro has done his M.A. with special paper- Econometrics (1999) and Ph.D. degree (2013) from Gauhati University, Guwahati. His areas of interest are Arts, Culture and Literature besides Econometrics, Mathematical and Environmental economics along with Integrated farming system research. He is one of the Editors of a peer reviewed multidisciplinary indexed e-journal, DIMORIAN REVIEW, URL and also serves as life member of various scientific bodies. Dr. Boro has published two text books entitled as “Mathematical Economics for North-eastern University” and “Ganitik Artha Vigyan” for under graduate degree course. He also published many research papers and popular articles besides attending many National and International seminars/ workshops in different parts of India.

He was also one of the members of Editorial Board of “INTUIT”- A Peer Reviewed Multidisciplinary International Research journal published by IQAC, D.C.B. Girls’ College, Jorhat (Assam) and one of the members of the Peer Team of “JOSAC”- A Peer Reviewed Journal of Science, Arts and Commerce (Multidisciplinary), published by D.K.D. College, Dergaon (Assam).

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