Kumaresh Das

Thou, my father
On thy lap
Sleep deep
In the days, immature to utter,
I could feel thy love
As sweet as honey
When I drowse
In the sweetness of lullaby,
I try to move my limbs
As open my eyes
To discover
Wonder around and the sun abright,
I get thy finger to grab
I get thy face to smile back
Quick retort
Always thy support
On my arm's end, I got.

Thou, my father
A friendly hand
Let me never be sad
Be alone and strand,
When I struggle to crawl
Thou pretend to be an animal
Our shrieks and yells
Dancing my toys
Sometimes, ringing the bells.
When I walk
Holding thy hand
Minimize your pace
Shorten thy height, you bend,
Thou smile in me
Thou enjoy with me
Thou build in me
Thou dreamt with me.

In my childhood
In competitive mood
Learn to compete with thou
As wrong, never broad,
I compete with thou
Amusing jeer, when you loose
Dumping vainness, as confidence
The wrong track, I choose,
Thou warned me
But, too late to habitualize
As I grew more and more
Fanned my egoism and never demoralize,
I neglect thou and disdain
Consider thou as opponent
Utter happiness I gain.
My race, I run
Meet friends and teachers
Relatives and others,
Endless competition
Loosing you, I go
Thou surrender
I delight in sarcastic show.
Thy teaching locked
In my unwanted cell
As I grew old and mature
Understand the vain world, I dwell,
Being apologized
In repent, burnt my heart
My soul cried and console
Tears cleansed the dirt.

Thou, my father
How can I forget
Thy love and care,
My mother feed me
Give me birth
Never shall forget thy worth,
Thou my soul, pa
I am alike you
In me, I can see you,
I can feel and acknowledge
Thy experiences
The depth of thy knowledge,

Thy principles, wiseness
And sacrifices
Thy Straightforwardness
Always inspire me
Strengthen me, the life to face,
A garland of love and thankfulness
A tribute I render
To my best father
My guide and philosopher.

About the author: Kumaresh Das, a thoughtful soul, nourishing whims of poetic fantasy and fondness of traveling, belongs to Sapekhati, Charaideu District of Assam. He is a school teacher. He has a collection of English poems which are available in his page '' Kumaresh Das, English poems ''. Some of his poems got best prizes in competition of '' Poetry Planet ''. Most of his poems are about Nature, Sorrows and pains, struggle of life and have the touch of soil. 

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