Dr. Kingshuk Chakraborty

Gyanpith award winner writer Dr. Birendra Bhattacharya called the term "ethno" as "Nrikul". In reality the subject ethno has become very important for the knowledge society. Each and every subject matter today are closely related with ethno resources. In our society ethno library is considered as the social institution through which knowledge is transmitted from one generation to another generation. Many ethno library resources are yet to be unearthed which can change our history. For example, there is a proverb in Assam that during the time of Saraighat wat Lachit Barphukan beheaded his maternal uncle. But according to the ethno library sources of Tai language Lachit did not beheaded his uncle but officer in charge who was responsible to bulid the dam to prevent the Mughal militaries. This book as edited by Dr. Haricharan Das has included different writings regarding ethno library resources. Different research based writings provide light on the different issues such preservation of ethno library resources, use of the resources in the scientific and social  researches.  The  book included both Assamese and English sections. In Assamese section there are total seven papers and in English section there are total 28 papers. One valuable paper has been written by Janardan Dev Goswami, Daksin pat satra, Majuli. Another paper has been written Dr. Angiras. The papers high light some important issues regarding preservation of ethno library resources and its management. This is because due to ignorance and negligence we are going to lose such valuable resources in near future. The ethno libraries are the starting institutions of human civilization. No one should forget their past because we are rooted in the past. If we forget it, we will be up rooted. The need of ethno library is to save the strong root of human civilization. This book must be treated as the valuable reference book by the researchers of different fields.

About the author-reviewer: Dr. Kingsuk Chakraborty is serving as Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Bilasipara College, Bilasipara, Assam. He is associated with several national and international scientific bodies. He has the credit of publishing a good number of research articles in international journals. A number of essays penned by him has been published in magazines and edited books. He puts interest in creative writing and has been awarded for his short stories. Short stories written in Assamese have been publishing regularly in Assamese magazines and state level newspapers.

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