The book Manabwatwa is a collection of short stories written by Naren Nritom Das and published by Barnamala Prakashan. It contains eleven short stories penned down by the writer, which shows excellent craftmanship of style and reality.

The stories included in the volume are---Bimudrakaran, Daag ghor, Devi-e gorha jibon, Gangasthan, Prayasit, Borbih, Konya Santan, Mobile Phone Call , Stobdha goti, Ekhaj bhat and Manabwata etc.

The writer acknowledges many people who had directly or indirectly offered inspiration in writing this book.In the prefatory note, the writer put forward his intention of writing the book. He had very rightly commented that the main source of inspiration of these stories is some day to day happenings of the society. In “Bimudrakaran” the writer describe one such tale of a politician who had ammassed a huge amount of money and wealth.

In “DAAK- GHAR” the writer intends to explain in a befitting manner the significance of saving. “Devi-e gorha jibon” tells us a beautiful tale of a lady, who very selflessly attempted to imbibe life’s lessons to some young children. Stories like “Gangasthan”, “Prayasit”, “Borbeh” are very realistic and contemporary issues of the present time.

The story “Konya Santan” is an attempt to question the birth of a girl child. Birth of a girl child is not looked down upon in our society. Our Society has come out from the patrairchal belief that the birth of a girl child should not only be welcomed rather one should give equal treatment to both the sexes.Therefore the writer through the character of the father presents before us the mindset of a caring and a responsible person, who is beyond the patriarchal construct of the society.

Another very realistic story is the “Mobile phone call”, which depicts the story of the lost and final discovery of a mobile phone.The story is told in avery simple and lucid style with realistic description. Stories like “Stobdha goti”, “Ekhaj Bhat” and “Manabwata” depicts realistic picture of some vital issues of the contemporary society.

All told, there is a flawless narration and perfect combination of words and phrases in the writings of N.N. Das. As told in the preface, the story book is intended to bring some social reformation and thus to create a positive impact in the society. In the end, we can conclude by saying that Das’s writings will be successful in capturing more of such issues in future.

About the authorNaren Nritom Das, a poet, a writer and social activist has been writing for quite some time. He is actively associated with literary organizations like Assam SahityaSabha and other local literary forums. Mr Das is an MBA graduate and PG in Chemistry.He is an employee of Oil and Natural Gas Corporations (ONGC). He writes poems in Assamese and Hindi language and published in reputed magazines and journals.   Mr Das has to his credit two poetry anthology “Jatra: ek Arambhani” (ISBN-978-93-83308-32-3) and “Jiban Jujar Pragati”(ISBN-978-81-926685-4-14). Mr Das has to his credit one story collection book, “Manabwatwa” (ISBN-978-81-926685-15-7).

About the reviewer: Pranami Bania, M.A, UGC NET, PGDHE is a bilingual poet,reviewer, translator, researcher and a writer have published more than thirty research papers in National and International Peer reviewed.She has participated and presented more than 30 research papers in various National and International Seminars. She is also a member of the editorial board of some reputed National and International journals.

Some of her Publications are:
  • Jatra: Ek Arambhani (Poetry Book). Jorhat: Sabda Prakashan,  2014, ISBN-978-93-83308-32-3
  • Fictionalizing and Revisiting Characters from History: A Feminist Study of Nirupama Borgohain’s Select Works. Jorhat: Unika Prakashan, ISBN-978-93-82030-42-3
  • Adarsh Vidya Sarswati Rashtriya Puraskar, 2016.
  • Srijan Sanman, 2016.

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