2018 comes. The year comes with a hope. The indigenous people of Assam is expecting the year with all kinds of positive things. The year comes with the draft list of the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC). After years of wait, the draft of NRC was published at the beginning of the year 2018. The draft featured names of around 3.50 cores Indian citizens living in the state of Assam. The draft comes with names of those whose document verification process has been completed. It contains photos of citizens of India living in Assam. No doubt, the issue of NRC will live throughout the New Year.

NRC seems talk of everybody. It is a draft which includes names of all genuine Indian citizens living in the state along with their personal photographs. NRC has been an issue since 1951. The issue was first issued by All Assam Students’ Union (AASU). The issue of updating the NRC of 1951 had first come to the limelight when the students’ organization submitted a memorandum to the Government of India on the day of 18 January, in the year 1980. This very issue was mentioned in a memorandum and this memorandum was submitted to the then Prime Minister. After the agreement of the students’ leader with the then Prime Minister (that is called Assam Accord), a draft of the modalities for updating the NRC was submitted to the central government in 1990. After the gap of almost 10 years, a review meeting was held on the issue of implementation of the Assam Accord. On November 17, 1999, a decision was taken that NRC would be updated and for this purpose the central government sanctioned Rs 20 lakhs in the initial stage. The issue of updating of the NRC got its highest level on May 5, 2005 when the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh received the implementation of the Assam Accord and decided that NRC would be completed within two years. The central government decided that identity card would be issued to only the genuine Indian citizens living in Assam. Accordingly, the process of computerization of the NRC of 1951 and also the voters’ list up to 1971 started.

The process of updating the NRC gained momentum only after the Supreme Court started monitoring the complete progress. Accordingly the first draft was published on 31st December 2017 as per the directive of the honorable court. It is said that the date for publication of the complete draft of NRC is likely to be finished in the next hearing of the case by the Supreme Court and it will be on February 20, 2018. The draft of NRC is now available online and also in the ‘NRC Sewa Kendras’ all over the state.

According to the official record, altogether 3.29 cores people of Assam had applied for inclusion of their names in the NRC. About 6.6 cores documents were submitted by the people and out of them around 5.5 lakhs documents were forwarded to other states for proper verification.

NRC becomes a historic event. It becomes a kind of tribute to the martyrs of the Assam Agitation. We, the people of Assam are finally able to have a NRC and we should not forget that it becomes possible only because of the six-year-long movement, led by people of Assam, followed by a thirty two year long wait. Hope,   only the   genuine Indian   citizens’ name   would be   included inthe draftand thus the NRC would provide safeguard to the indigenous people of Assam in the days to come.
Editorial note prepared by: Pranjal Protim Borah
Associate Editor, Author and Assistant Professor
Jhanji HNS College, Amguri, Sivasagar


It is a good feeling in the New Year to present the first issue as UGC Approved Journal No.64595 along with the new Impact Factor, SJIF 2017=6.25 (Evaluated for the year 2017). The University Grants Commission (UGC), India and the progressive evaluation report of Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF), Morocco, have given the eJournal a definite mark towards the services of the society.

We express our thankfulness to all contributors in this issue for their unconditional support and cooperation in making our effort successful this time also.

We acknowledge with thanks to the honorary advisory board, honorary technical review board and all members of editorial team for their guidance, support and cooperation.

Acknowledging his knowledge sharing about the Historic Event, ‘NRC Assam 2018’, we appreciate with thanks to Pranjal Protim Borah for writing from Editors’ Desk in this issue. He is serving as Assistant Professor in Jhanji HNS College, Amguri, Sivasagar. An Associate Editor in dimorianreview.com, Pranjal Protim Borah has been authored for several poetry and story books and has credit of publishing several research articles. He is Editor of ‘Amguri Prayas’ and also receipient of the best Yuba Award given by the Nehru Yuba Kendra, Government of India for which he was nominated by Asom Sahitya Sabha as young representative poet for Sivasagar district.

Hope readers will love reading this edition also!
Vol-5, Issue-1; January-February 2018

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  1. Best thing is the UGC approved news which somehow had been missed by the team but lately discovered. Now is the time to go ahead full steam.


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