Ranjit Gogoi
Translation: Protap Borah

I could be we were laughing a while ago
It could be we were weeping a while ago
It could be a while ago talking earnestly in both ends of the receiver
We were  dreams
We were birds.

Murmering in talks we were to loose the world
About  whom shall we talk and to whom
Repeatedly have broken  down in pain
Your trembling voice is hitting my head
That day you were to leave by the  morning bus
I do not have the courrage to live whith out you even today
I may break down
I may turn to ashes

You tell me tell me,
That living without you is a dream.

The tears blinking in the corner of your eye
How could you cry out when I had taken as my own.

I am activised to ring you up
Stumble in my accounts
As all my five pockets ere empty.

Who had loved me more than self
I would say- ‘One who had hurt me most’
It may be that in each bent of her sleck fingers
My love quivers the weight of the finger
I cannot give pain.
The word of happiness cannot be a whistle.

The wind can say which stanza of which song
Is written in the letter of sorrow
Have any one loved you
Who can think of you as one dearer than self

It may be that some times
The mind can be broken to picees
You may be sprinkled shreded to bits
Unknown becomes the approach to your house
From every thing some thing is lost
Blank and becomes blank.

About the author: Honoured with the awards like ‘Bhugdoi Paror Sestho Kobi 2009’ and ‘Trihridoi Award 2012’ from Majuli Island, Shri Ranjit Gogoi (born August 2, 1974) is a person of diverse activities. He is at a time a writer, editor and publisher, follower of photography, art and culture, philatelist and sportsperson. As a writer he has credit of contribution to literature of Assam and many of his beautiful creation have been published in various magazines and newspapers. He has also good hands in translation into English, Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam.

He is specialist in designing book’s cover and already designed more than 900 books.

He is Editor of ‘SABDA’, a bilingual magazine of English and Assamese poem and ‘ADDA’, a monthly youth magazine. He is also Editor of Saneki, a bilingual magazine of translation. He is Ex-Editor of Jorhat Kabi Sanmilan, Member of Jorhat Fine Art Society, Life Member of Mising Agom Kebang and All Assam Poet Association.

Hails from the village Darikial, Nakachari, Jorhat district of Assam, Shri Ranjit Gogoi, a Master in Assamese literature, also holds a mind in sports particularly in martial arts. He is qualified Black Belt 1st DAN (Samurai Karate) and Red Belt – KEAK WON DO.


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