A Poet of numerous poems, Author and editor of several books and magazines respectively and Researcher of folk culture, Tulika Chetia Yein is a name of her repute in the field of literature and socio-cultural researches in recent time in Assam. She is writing from early time of her life and with the passion and zeal, she also contributes for most of the newspapers, magazines published in Assam regularly.

The All India Radio, Dibrugarh has been broadcasting her poems regularly through ‘Sahitya Kanon’ – a programme by renowned poets, story writers and critics on literature since 2012.

Recently, she has been announced for the ‘International Tathagat Creative Award 2018’ by Siddhartha Tathagat Art & Cultural Organisation, Uttar Pradesh, which is stated to be awarded during November, 2018 for her contribution in the fields of literature and socio-cultural research.

Edited Books/ Magazines:
  • Editor of "Che-Rai-Doi", a book published by Purbanchal Tai Sahitya Sabha on the occasion of the celebration of their 35th anniversary.
  • Editor of "Chengmung", a book published by All Assam Tai Ahom Student Union on the occasion of their celebration of Silver Jubilee.
  • Editor of "Jerenga", a magazine on poetry.
  • Editor of Hem Buragohain Rasanawali ( First & Second Part).
  • Editor of ''Biswa Kabita'', North-East part published in Hindi.
  • Sub-editor of "Tritiya Biswor Kabita", a magazine on poetry. 
Books Published:
  • "Mounotar Atmapath", a collection of poems based on self-experience.
  • "Hanhir Akash Premor Akash", a collection of prose.
  • "Swapnor Swadesh Mur Arunachal", an autobiography published by Kalyani Publication, Guwahati (1st Edition) and Kotha Publication, Guwahati (2nd Edition).
  • "Akash Nothoka Rati", a collection of poems.
  • "Swapna Premor Prathona", a collection of poems.
  • "Shaa Puharot Sivasagar", a historical account of Sivasagar.
  • "Royal Architecture of the Ahoms", a bilingual booklet on the architecture during the Ahom reign in Assam.  
  • Invited as a poet in the Northeast and Southern Women Writers Meet,2018.
  • Invited as a speaker in Festival of India, Thailand organised jointly by Thailand Govt. and Ministry of Culture, India,2017.
  • Invited as a poet in SAARC Literature festival, 2017, Delhi.
  • Invited by "Sahitya Academy" as poet to recite my poems in Purvottari North East and Northern writers meet, 2017.
  • Invited as a poet in the Asmita programme held in Sahitya Akademi, Delhi, 2016.
  • Invited by "Sahitya Academy" in 2015 as poet to recite my poems in Chandigarh Invited by National Book Trust in 2011 & 2013 as poet to recite my poems in Sivasagar and Nazira .
  • Invited by Arunachal Literature Society , Itanagar in  2013 as a Special Guest to deliver lecture on Poetry and  to inaugurate a poetry book.
  • Active participation in a seminar on "Preservation of Environment through Folk Culture" organised by IGNOU , Guwahati in 2012.
  • Attended as a Chief Guest in various programmes organised by "Assam Sahitya Sabha ".
  • Many a time attended as a poet in "All Assam Kobi Sanmeelan" (an organization of all the established poets of Assam).
  • Attended as a President, Chief Guest , Distinguished Guest , Poet , Critic , etc. in various meetings, seminars and symposia held all over Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Interviewed by Prag News , a local News channel , Assam about my writings.
  • Interviewed by V & S, a local News channel, Assam about my writings.  
Social Responsibilities:
  • Former Secretary of "Kobi Sanmeelon", a Sub-committee of Assam Sahitya Sabha, Assam.
  • Executive Member of Assam Sahitya Sabha, Assam.
  • President, Assam Sahitya Sabha ONGC Branch. 
  • Founder General Secretary , ONGC Workers' Mohila Samiti , Assam.
  • Publicity Secretary , NEST (National Educational Social and Traditional Knowledge) Foundation : an NGO accredited observer WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization ) , collaborated with UNRC ( United Nations Resource Centre ) , Member of PMNCH of WHO ,in data bank of UN DESA , Member of UN Online Volunteering Services N-E Guwahati Branch offers Consultative Status to it.
  • A member of the Governing Body, Sepon College, Sepon, Dibrugarh.

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