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Yoga is an ancient way of healing any illness or health problem. It is a natural technique by implementing which people can treat different ailments. Some time, medical science also recommends yoga. Yoga therapy is considered as one of the most effective therapeutic techniques to heal any person (Good Therapy, 2018).

1.What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga therapy means the application of yogic practices in treating health problems for recovery. These yoga therapies are out of any artificial medicine. By keeping all yogic practices as therapies, problems associated with mind or body can be treated. Different techniques are applied by different therapists but, it is giving a positive result in the context of healing any injury or health problem (Sharma, 2010). Now a days, people are spending more money on yoga as a source of natural therapy to be out from the side-effects of different chemical medicines. So, yogic therapies are gaining importance in human life.

2.Some ways of yoga therapy have been discussed here which outline how to regain health

2.1 Asana: Yogic asanas are very much helpful for treating any health problems. Asanas are body postures which can treat any physical injuries. Injuries related with muscles, bones or joints can be treated by performing some asanas. These asanas are held for a particular time which can contract the muscles. It also stretches the joints. By doing asanas, a victim can reduce muscle pain, joint pain, swelling etc. very soon. Asanas are always performed with expert’s guidance. Therefore, before treating with any problems by asanas, a person should consult with any yoga expert. This practice is also done by following a particular schedule. Different physiological aspects like blood circulation, respiration, digestion etc. are controlled by performing asanas.

2.2 Pranayama: Like asana, pranayama is also important as a measure of yoga therapy. Pranayamas are some breathing techniques by performing which people can treat respiratory problems as well as circulatory and digestive problems. Some simple steps are followed in performing pranayama which are very useful. Research found that after continuing certain rounds of pranayama, people get a sound respiratory and cardiovascular functions. Problems like asthma, nausea, migraine can be treated through pranayama. Pranayama brings pure oxygen to the body. So, pure oxygenaterd blood can be supplied to the body to treat or prevent any disease. It definitely improves the immunity system also. Pranayama is a good practice for controlling diabetes and hypertension. Pranayama also assists the mind to have a sound mental status. Pranayama gives a good relaxation to mind after eliminating anxiety, depression and aggression. Pranayama is also recommended for sleeping disorders like insomnia. Pranayama is practiced scientifically with the prescribed way and calculated rounds. By doing so, pranayama can be a good therapy in healing different health problems.

2.3 Meditation: Meditation can also be effective as a therapy. Meditation is a broad concept. It is a mental practice where the mind is kept quiet, calm and relaxed for a long time. Meditation is effective in treating the mental distractions. If someone is mentally not feeling well, that person should meditate. Meditation minimizes anxiety, depression, tension, aggression etc. Meditation is performed scientifically which improves anyone’s mental health. There is a fact behind this truth which says that all the functions of nervous system are smoothly operated with the help of meditation. The brain can send sensory impulses to different parts of the body accordingly. Mental ailments don’t get chance if the whole functions of nervous system go well. Those who feel psychologically distracted can choose meditation as a therapy and as a rehabilitative measure.

2.4 Kriya: Kriya or shatkarma is cleansing process of internal body. This process is quite beneficial if performed scientifically. Some time, specific equipments are needed to do kriya. There are six kriyas which cleanses the nostrils, digestive tract, eyes etc. If anyone has problems like asthma, gastric, ulcer, poor vision, pimples etc., he/she should perform kriya. It may be hard to perform at the first time but, gradually it becomes easy to perform and it gives quick result. So, kriya is also a kind of yoga therapy.

2.5 Bandha: Bandha is locking system on different parts of body. It is a yogic practice which is performed by locking different holes in the body for a certain period of time. There are four types of bandhas starting from throat to the rectum. Those are highly specific and need more concentration while performing. Those are performed with a combination of breathing; means, while holes are locked, the breath is also stopped for a while; then again holes are opened and simultaneously breathing is continued. People having poor voice quality, constipation, piles etc. can perform bandhas to heal their health problems. Bandhas are also considered as one of the efficient ways of yoga therapy.

Apart from all those practices, there are some therapies associated with yoga and ayurveda.  Those therapies are massage therapy, aromatherapy, mud therapy etc. which are recognized as alternate therapy of healing. These practices are very popular on today’s date and become a good measure in giving a relaxed body and mind. Different health problems are treated with these alternate therapies.

Hence, a detailed note on yoga therapy to regain health has been written here. These therapeutic techniques are highly necessary in human life to heal numerous health problems without using any chemical medicine. These techniques are out of side-effects but, should be performed under the prescription or recommendation of yoga expert/physician. By following proper techniques, these therapies would be a major source of healing process to regain health & well-being.

About the author: The author, Rajkumar Bharali is serving as an Assistant Professor, Centre for Studies in Physical Education and Sports, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh.


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