Born on 19 November 1868 at Aahatguri, Nagaon, AssamIndia Lakshminath Bezbaroa was the person who brought renaissance to Assamese literature. As he was born on a boat on the auspicious day of Lakshmi purnima (full moon night) he was christened Lakshmi after the deity. He set foot at Calcutta (now Kolkata) more than hundred years ago, and, while pursuing his studies entered into realm of World literature, Indian literature and, not to speak of Bengali literature which was ebullient at that juncture being led by the famous Tagore family. His involvement was such that he finally ended up marrying the niece of Rabindranath Tagore. The interesting part of it is that, while being a son-in-law of the most illustrious family of Bengal, even one of India, he was proudly holding the flag of Assamese literature. He brought out magazines like Jonaki and spearheaded literary organisation like Asamiya Bhasa Unnati Sadhini Sabha as it dawned on them that one self prestige and identity greatly depends on the richness of one’s language and literature and culture.

He ushered in concept of short story and satirical prose into Assamese literature. Staying in a foreign soil, he observed the shortcomings in the thought process of average Assamese gentry not to say of the common people and the impact it had on our path to progress. He tried to point out these through his satirical stories like Molok Guin Guin and also his compilations Barbaroar Bhabar Burburoni. For the young readers he compiled Burhi Aair Sadhu that is still equally popular among the young and the old alike.

It is difficult to fathom how he did it amidst a difficult life that he led. Hundred years back, in 1917, he landed in Sambalpur on the banks of mighty Mahanadi, Orissa (now Odisha). Bezbaroa can be true role model to emulate for anyone, leave aside the Assamese, as he was a complete person. He worked hard to earn his bread – entered the deep jungles of then Orissa for quality timbers that he traded with, established himself acquiring a prime plot of about ten bigha (144000 square feet) with a palatial house of ten rooms with a separate office situated in the same campus. Bezbaroa was one of the five proud owners of motor car in that city. He was elected to the town committee as a councillor 
for two terms. It is evident that he had good command over at least four languages – Bengali, Oriya, English apart from his mother tongue Assamese.

It is high time that we make a concerted effort to preserve the legacy of great Assamese in the town he spent a major part of his life and exhort our children to emulate the feat.

Editorial note prepared by: Dr Dhrubajyoti Das
Associate Professor, Department of English
Cotton College State University, Guwahati

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He completed his Ph.D thesis ‘Treatment of Nature in the Poetry of Nirmalprabha Bardoloi and Emilyv Dickinson’ from Guwahati University in 2013. 

His publications include Prem Pratidin (Novel), Adim Awegor Juiphul (Poetry), Brahmaputra Ashirbad aru Anyanya Rachona (article), Biswa Sahitya Srishti aru Srasta (Literary article), etc. 

He delivered speech as a Resource person on ‘Ethics and Contemporary Society: Role of value Education’ in UGC sponsored National seminar organized by Egra S.S.B. College, West Bengal held from February 28 to March 1, 2015. 

We wish him good health, good things and more accolades in life.  

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