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Mahapurusa Srimanta Sankardeva was a great human in the history of Assam. He was born in 1449 in a Baro-Bhuyan family at Ali Pukhuri, Nagaon district. His father name was Hirumoni Kusumbar Bhuyan and mother name was Satyasandhya Bhuyan.

In the very early of his birth, his father gave him the name ‘Sankaravara’, which is also the name of ‘Lord Shiva’. Actually, Kusumbar Bhuyan was a devotee of Lord Shiva and he prayed the god a lot for the birth of a child.  Therefore when his child got birth he gave him the name Sankaravara (Sankar+Vara).

Later at 12 years old, Guru Mahendra Kandali changed Sankaravara name to Sankardeva. Sankardeva married a beautiful woman, when he was at 21 years old, her name was Suryavati. But after a one year, Suryavati died with a cute baby girl birth, that girl named by ‘Manu’.

Sankardev loved his wife ‘Suryavati’ a lot, therefore, her death made him mourn. At ages 32, he went out from home for his 1st pilgrimage and traveled throughout the whole north India. At ages 52, he returned back to home.

Though he did not want to marry again this time; but due to the pressure of his family members, especially grandmother Khersuti, he had to marry again with a woman, named ‘Kalindi’. From Kalandi he births three children.

As we know there is no such great work done in the history of Assam before Srimanta Sankardeva. Most of his were based on social reformation centric. In the medieval Assam period, there were lots of blind believes dominating the Assamese Hindu society.

To reform that and re-establish Vedic ages Hinduism he brought in south India’s Bhakti movement to the valley of Brahmaputra and started a new religious belief with a new name called ‘Neo-Vaishnavism’. He also created some cultural masterpieces of Assam, which are mainly Borgeet, and Bhaona. These elements were the parts of his Neo-Vaishnav movement.

Today’s Namghar is also his contribution. This all-time great person who has too many contributions to the Assamese society and the culture of the state, died in 1569 after a long life of 120 years.

About the author: Akash Gogoi is a passionate blogger from Sivasagar, Assam. He received his graduation in 2017 from Nazira College, Sivasagar. At present, he is working as a blogger at his blog He keeps enthusiasm in writing amazing articles about Assam state. He writes blogs in English and Hindi languages.

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