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DIMORIANREVIEW, www.dimorianreview.com, eISSN: 2394-9163, a peer reviewed multidisciplinary international indexed e-journal, an information sharing platform, inspiring people to publish on various aspects, means it intends to publish every sense on art, culture and literature; travel and tourism, science and technology, commerce and economy, etc. 

Precisely, including multidisciplinary research articles, it publishes (non-research) general articles/ essays on emerging issues, news/events reports, prose, poetry,  book reviews, travel stories, festivals, about people & achievers, recipes, lifestyle (health, beauty, etc.), finance & investment, career (academic, entrepreneurial, jobs and employment) and so on. Anything that one can think of constructive through words, photograph, videos, etc. can be shared and published. We are always ready to try our best to facilitate through this website. 

Dimorian Review e-Journal is a non-profit making initiative by DIMORIAN REVIEW FOUNDATION. All services relating to www.dimorianreview.com is voluntary and serving for the benefit of the public. This is a non-political platform as well. With regard to publishing online the best possible effort is made for covering the uncovered upholding social change

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
- Mahatma Gandhi

The Dimorian Review e-Journal runs through collective efforts of Honorary Advisory Board, Honorary Technical Review Board and Honorary Editorial Board.

Dimorian Review e-Journal uses double-blind peer review. Research articles are reviewed at first on receipt by the Honorary Editorial Board before forwarding the same for review to the Peer Team/Honorary Technical Review Board. If necessary the same may be sent back to the authors for revision.  Research papers submitted to Dimorian Review should not be submitted elsewhere for consideration at the same time. Research articles reviewed by the Peer Team/Honorary Technical Review Board and on consultation of the Honorary Advisory Board, the Honorary Editorial Board needs to arrange publishing online. Maximum five research articles will be published in an issue/edition. Certificates are sent to the concerned authors after publication.

Dimorian Review is a volunteer and academic initiative and there is no cost of publication (online) to be borne by the authors.

Essays on emerging issues are also selected for publication by following the double-blind peer review process and maximum five essays are published in an issue/edition.

Dimorian Review reserves all rights in decision-taking for publishing, particularly with regard to accepting or rejecting or moderating of any material submitted. Hence, editor/admin can either edit any of the content including links, pages, posts, title or approve/reject/delete/edit comment.

Contributors/ authors/ writers are the face makers of www.dimorianreview.com and contributors to send own articles/materials by email/other method applicable before publish and all materials are needed to be reviewed by an editor/ admin always in general. If necessary, editor/admin needs to modify any content of the write up.


Geographically, Dimoria covers the boundaries in North, East and South of Kamrup (Metro) district of Assam and coordinates Latitude 26.147772 and Longitude 91.998868. For surface communication, NH-37 and NH-51 passes through it.

Dimoria is categorized as an area under tribal belt in Assam. Since time immemorial some prominent ethnic communities of Assam has been inhabitation in Dimoria, such as, Bodo, Tiwa, Karbi, Garo, Rabha, Koch, etc. History also discloses facts of Dimoria as it is dominated by tribal population.

Dimoria is the largest Development Block with 12 Gaon Panchayats out of four Blocks in Kamrup (Metro) district. This Dimoria Development Block falls under Sonarpur Revenue Circle which is largest out of six Revenue Circles with land area measuring 265.45 Sq. Km.

The major part of the population engaged in agricultural activities producing Rice. On the other hand, Dimoria can claim for some horticultural produces also like Orange, Pineapple, Lemon, Coconut, Betel-nut and Dimoria also produces Tea.


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Share Every Sense on Art, Culture & Literature; Travel & Tourism; Commerce & Economy; Science & Technology; etc. Send us your Write-up by Email: dimorianreview@gmail.com


Share every sense on Art, Culture & Literature; Travel & Tourism; Commerce & Economy; Science & Technology; etc. Publish Article, Story, Poetry, Book Review, Travelogue, Recipe and News. Send us your creative contents written or transcreated in English at E-mail:dimorianreview@gmail.com

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