Morigaon district offers some choice destinations of Rural Holiday in Assam

Deosal, Jagiroad. Photo: Dr. Lokesh Boro
With beautiful hills and diverse ecological systems like rivers and beels (ponds) Marigaon district offers some popular destinations in rural areas of Assam, which may be considered as one of the best destinations for a rural holiday.
Morigaon is one of the most fertile districts for agriculture in Assam covering a good measurable cultivable land.
 The district headquarters at Morigaon town is located at a distance of about 78 kms from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam. With two important commercial towns, viz, Marigaon and Jagiroad, the district is well connected by air, rail and road. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi InternationalAirport, Guwahati, is the nearest airportof Morigaon. 
With a mysterious history and rich cultural backbone, Marigaon offers some well-known places of tourist attraction such as, the ancient place of occult Mayong, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, which is famous for the Indian one-horned rhinoceros and the legendary traditional fair Junbeel mela where the barter system of primitive economic exchange is still in practice. Sivakunda waterfall and Sitajakhala are two other popular locations to visit in rural areas.
Mayong: This place once was known as the Land of Black Magic and Witchcraft, and it is situated at about 40 km distance from Guwahati on the bank of the river mighty Brahmaputra. Mayong is full of supernatural stories and people came from far off and abroad to learn magic here and now, except a few, it is said that the spells were not written but passed from mouth to mouth from generation to generation.
Mayong is now evolving to be a hot-spot for tourism and archaology for its rich wildlife, archaeology pilgrimage, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism and river tourism.
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife preserve is located about 60 km east of Guwahati city and with beautiful semi hilly road passing by river Brahmaputra this sanctuary is adjacent to Mayong. Pobitora is mainly famous for great Indian one-horned rhinoceros. The wild buffalo, leopard, bear, civet cat, mongkey and jackal, etc., are also seen in this jungle. On the other hand, some other avian founa including crane, stork, florican, pheasant and swamp birds are also seen in Pobitora, which is a small wooden region in between the rivers Brahmaputra and Kolong but covered mostly by tall grass.
Junbeel Mela: This is a kind of trade fair, a strong witness of barter trade which is organised on the grounds of extensive paddy fields at Junbeel near Jagiroad, Assam during Bhogali bihu festival time during mid January for two to three days. Generally, some people living in hilly areas of Karbi Anglong and also from outside the state like Meghalaya come down for exchanging commodities with people living in plains. Here some edible products are bartered for celebrating the festival. Community fishing is an important significant part of Junbee mela. It is said that the ancient Kings from various kingdoms situated in the State namely, Gobha-raja, Nellie-raja, Chahari-raja, Khola-raja, Kunoi-raja, Tetelia-raja, Dimoria-raja generally participated in the mela.
Ganesh Mandir at Boha. Photo: Kamaleswar Deka
Sitajakhala:It is famed for an ancient temple on the banks of Killing River in Morigaon district. The temple wall is filled with the statues of Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita. The temple is connected with the river by several stone steps. According to legends, Sage Valmiki built the stone steps for the Goddess to go to the river from the temple when she was pregnant and left by Lord Ram. So the steps got the name Sita Jakhala. The place is rich in cattle population.
Sivakunda Waterfall: This is a gorgeous waterfall situated in the Amsoi hills, Assam. It is one of the key attractions in Morigaon district. Best time to visit this fall is between October and March. One has to travel around 10 km from the National Highway 37 towards south for having a sight of this astounding waterfall.
Ganesh Mandir at Boha and Goronga Mandir: These two locations are very famous among the people. Many devotees throng to these temples for worship from various places. Both the temples are situated on the bank of the beautiful river Kolong.
Morigaon district map. Source:
Rock Climbing at Hatiutha: The famous rock-hill in Morigaon district offers plentiful scope for Rock climbing. This rock-hill is locally known as “Hatiutha Pahar” (in Assamese language) which means “Elephant-climb Hill”.The noteworthy fact is that there is one big rock looks like a big elephant. This Elephant Climb hill, which is full of rocks, appears like sky-touching to see from the low level which has also a big rock on its peak. It is really amazing rock-hill in Assam.

Morigaon district is naturally really very beautiful with some hills and diverse ecological systems like rivers and beels. Majority of cultivators practice Boro cultivation in large scale which culminate in the arrival of summer season. Although the flood is major problem in Morigaon district, the Kolong River is really enhancing the beauty of the district.

Contributed by: Dilip Bangthai
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