Where the Indian coins are minted? Whether all the coins of Rupee one look alike?

Do you know that where from the Indian currency notes and coins come into circulation? Yes, the Government of India is the only responsible authority in production and supply of Indian currency. Under the Coinage Act, 1906, the Government of India is charged with
the responsibility of the production and supply of coins to the Reserve Bank of India.

The sources states that Indian Rupee notes are printed basically in the Currency Note Press, Nashik, although currency notes are printed in four other places also. But it will be wonderful equally to know about the birth of Indian coins - where coins are manufactured, how coins are minted, etc., such type of questions come in the mind commonly.

The truth is that Indian coins are made in the four major cities in India. These cities are:

Mumbai in Maharashtra,
Kolkata in West Bengal,
Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, and
Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

But the amazing fact is to know how coins are made? How to identify the coins made in a particular city? Which is coin minted in Mumbai? Which is the coin minted in Kolkata? Or, whether any difference is made in minted coins in Hyderabad or Noida? Yes, of course, there is little difference, but, it is simple to identify if we know about it, hence, let us know how to identify them.

Everybody knows that each currency coin bears the year of issue; it is seen on the head side, at the bottom of the coin. The searching fact is that if we see just beneath the year of issue of the coin, we will find the mark, which denotes the place where the coin was made. We should know that each currency coin minted in India (for that matter anywhere in the world) has a special mint mark on it to identify the Mint. Hence, let us explore Mint-wise or City-wise how it looks like.

Mumbai Mint has a diamond under the year of issue. The Proof coins from this mint have a mint mark ‘B’ or ‘M’, it may also have a face of yashwanth.

Kolkata Mint has no mark under the year of issue. Many people confuse ‘c’ found under some coins to be from Kolkata mint, however, that symbol belongs to the Ottawa mint in Canada.

Hyderabad Mint has a star or a diamond under the year of the issue of the coin. The other mint marks from Hyderabad include a split diamond, and a dot in the diamond.

Noida Mint has a dot under the year of issue of the coin.

Now it is clear, so, try to find out the minting place of the coins around you.

Source: Wikipedia
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