All Bathou Mahasabha presented aspects of rich culture and tradition of Boro people of Assam

Music for peace at Simla, Baksa. Photo: Boro Culture and Tradition
On the occasion of 10th Conference of All Bathou Mahasabha held recently during 6 to 9 February, 2014 at Simla in Baksa district, a large traditional music instrumental recitation was organized on 9th February, 2014. About 4,000 musicians played altogether harmoniously different kind of traditional instruments like Kham, Sifung, Serja
and Jotha and the reverberated sound amused all around the conference venue  almost for an hour reclaiming  rich culture and tradition of Boro people of Assam.
The culture and tradition of Boro people is very rich and quite multifaceted as well. It is part and parcel of the Indo-Mongoloid or Kirata culture. Almost all the Boro people like to uphold Bathouism.

Bathou and Bathouism

'Sijou' symbolizes Bathou. Photo: Boro Culture and Tradition
Bathouism is a form of worshiping forefathers called ‘Obonglaoree’. The ‘Sijou’ plant (belonging to the euphorbia genus) is taken as the symbol of Bathou and worshiped, its being maintained as the Supreme God. In Boro language ‘Ba’ means five and‘Thou’ means deep. Five is a significant number in the Bathou religion. The ‘Sijou’ tree has five ribs and a pair of thorn in the ribs. It means a couple. God creates human being through couple.

Sijou’ is encircled with a boundary

‘Sijou’ tree encircled with eighteen pairs of designed bamboo stick and five pairs of ring of bamboo. In front of ‘Sijou’ within encircled bamboo ring, there is a "Dove Heart". Boro people believe in (Bathou-God) five mighty elements of God, such as, Land, Water, Air, Fire and Sky.

Musical instruments behold tradition and culture of Boro people

Musical instruments of Boro people of Assam. Photo: Boro Culture and Tradition
The programme was inaugurated by Shri Sansuma Kunggur Bwiswmuthiary, MP, Lok Sabha and chairperson of World Centre for Mongol Origin People where Mr.Oidov Nyamdavaa, former ambassador of Mongolia to India and co-chairperson of the Centre participated in the function.

The first World Conference of People of Mongol Origin was held in Kathmandu, Nepal in April, 2013 and decided to organize it annually. So, the next World Conference is going to be held in India in 2014 which will be followed by Ulaanbaatar in 2015.

A mass prayer for world peace and harmony led by Shri Kashinath Swargiary, chief priest and Shri Parameswar Brahma, president of All Bathou Mahasabha was attended by more than 50,000 Bathou devotees.Music plays an important role in Boro society, which is also related to the religion.

Mr. Nyamdavaa was happy to be attached with such an event of rich culture and tradition. He urged on preservation of cultural and traditional identities along with own language to survive in globalization. He emphasized on strengthening the bond of Mongoloid-origin people around the globe. According to him, with about 120 million people, Mongoloid-origin is the single largest race in the world spreading over India, Nepal, Thailand, The United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, Afghanistan and Korea.

A traditional dance performance by Boro girls. Photo: Boro Culture and Tradition
The open session inaugurated by Shri Hagrama Mohilary, chief of Bodoland Territorial Council was attended by Shri Ramesh Chuba of Bengal as chief guest. He is the 13th generation member of the King Naranarayana of the famous Koch dynasty. Shri Kanteswar Bargayary, chief organizing secretary and Shri Ghanashyam Swargiary, adviser to All Bathou Mahasabha delivered their valuable speech on the occasion. Besides, among many dignitaries, Shri Kampa Borgoyary, deputy chief of Bodoland Territorial Council, Shri Biswajit Daimary, MP, Rajya Sabha and Mr. Marbu Wangi, general secretary of Indo-Bhutan Friendship Association (BIFA) were attended the open session.

The conference was organised by the Paschim Baksa district All Bathou MahasabhaMany delegates from Nepal, West Bengal, Nagaland, Meghalaya joined in the conference. Including Bathou devotees, countless people from various parts of Assam thronged to the venue at Simla of Baksa district making All Bathou Mahasabha a grand success spreading peace and harmony.


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