Fade into the sunrise

By Palma Mingozzi

Ever so gently,
My mind does go wandering...

Why then,

Go ever so blindly
Into the sunrise That is the all consuming perjury of wills Ardently she sits still Fading away Fading away

As the soul bound to its flight
Into the distance
Seeking solace
Perhaps the sound of stillness
Calls to every person

I've been listening
There is an echo in life's breathing
A reverberating sway of trees
Always caressing the eye
Always stroking the eardrum
Always permeating the nostril
Always the taste of iodine

And the fragmented piece of gentle glass
Reflects a fragile mind
Aye but the trees these move gently back and forth
As the waves pull and regress
Calling us all home

Searching with an Eagle's view
The summit's crescendo
Looking to find the answer
The sweetest purpose
This in having learned a lesson

To have walked a passage
In Nature's repertoire
Devouring the sound of creation
And the insects and birds hold the melodies of its molded devotion

And Nature binds in a cocoon of wills
The battle between tornado and lagoon

To what do I owe
The tinkling of grass blades
Tickling my feet
And the tiny space I take upon the Earth
To what do I owe this contemplative journey

And the wind takes the breath from me
And the tiny rustle of shrubs soothe my reverie
I forget that I bleed

The wind blows the colors
blindingly from me ever so gently
Solemnly I drop my gaze
I fade away
I fly away
Immersed into the sunrise.

About the author: Palma Mingozzi is a poetess and writer from Brooklyn, New York, USA.

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