I will become the Hegemony soon…

By Prof. Tapan Das

You may question me a Thousand times
As to who I am, and where I am from.
But I will never respond to your queries,
And I will simply keep mum, my Friend.

I do not speak your tongue so fluently
Nor I understand your words and cries.
For I certainly belong to a different land,
Just to the West from where you Stand.  

Of course, I have no identity of my own
Here in a Land so strange and unknown,
But I have all the proofs to establish myself
As One of you and a citizen of this Nation.

How can you call me ‘illegal immigrants’?
When your Government has invited me,
With so much of sincerity and so cordially,
To Settle, Live and Rob, here in your country.

I have been exploring you Motherland freely
And ravishing its beauty without fear and anxiety,
Encroaching and Trespassing every now and then,
For I am backed by the Laws of your beloved land.

I have the very right to vote in the Elections
And I decide who will form the Government for you.
Without me you all are mere paralyzed beings,
For I dominate the Market and the Economy.

Do not describe me as a “Minority” now,
For I no longer prefer to be called so.
I have attained the “Majority” in your territory,
And only you will face the crisis of your Identity.

I am going to become the hegemony very soon.
And You will be nowhere in your land in a while,
The days are gone when you oppressed me my friend,
Now its time to retaliate you, with a Sardonic Smile…

About the author: Prof. Tapan Das, Department of English, Devi Charan Baruah Girls' College, Jorhat, Assam, India.

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