As we pierce through the enormous road in a serpentine motion under the rising wintry Sun, I know my rendezvous with my Alma Mater of colonial era is imminent. A collage of photo frames and distant memories both sweet and sour began to hallucinate through my impatient mind as the distance closed down.
Let me tell you that the school was nothing sort of a pristine Paradise with its trees loaded with fruits, lush green paddy fields, a bustling fish pond and a vibrant playground. It was full of life and vitality.

I spent my happy high school days this once Arcadia during late 80’s; and reminiscences like catching fish for next day’s feast of Saraswati Puja is still vivid and fresh in my memory.

I am visiting the school after a long while-perhaps quarter of century with my friend as well as colleague Hazarika while on our way to Kaziranga from Guwahati on 24th November, 2012, but once I stepped in, I began to feel an inexplicit affinity and belongings with its every nook and cranny. May be also a sense of nostalgia and loss due to realization that the time had ruthlessly taken out an invaluable chapter out of my life in this very compound, a chapter written with the ink of innocence.

A strange sense of ennui and loss is making inroad into me. And this melancholy intensified further by the sorry state of things happening to the school. Our head master’s abode- once decorated is now decaying, and there’s no guava in guava trees that are desperately struggling for survival amidst onslaught from all sides- as if the Nature has forbidden this place. Suddenly, the cacophony of my disillusionment was broken by the ringing of the school bell which dispersed students all around like indignant desert birds as told in Yeat’s Second ComingUnfazed by the spontaneity of events, I rushed like a robot to one of the class rooms, where Deka sir used to teach us Geography.

On the way to the Geography class room, I confront a tiny little boy, who was heading to his class. Spontaneously I hooked him up and lovingly took him into my arms and asked him about his study. He told me that he is in fifth standard. I told him not to run and go slow to the class room. I left him on the portico leading to his class room and entered into our Geography room. I saw a packed class room that transported me back to the memory lanes where I saw my brotherly mate Sarbeswar still sitting on the bench in the window side. That window was exactly opposite to the entry door and it was open. From that open window a large area of an after harvest paddy field was visible. But suddenly I saw something strange happening at the distant through the open window. I shouted and tried to have a good look through the window. A gigantic fire emanating both from heaven and hell is gradually engulfing the earth, swallowing everything on its way without showing any mercy or remorse. Its melting in a menacing way as it approach near to the school. The size of the melting earth and black smoke was many times bigger than the actual size of one Adipocerous shown in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. Immediately, the prophecy of a doomsday of the Mayan Apocalypse proportion came into my mind.

The universe begins to move around me and I know this is the final moment on earth. Suddenly I am apprehensive of the entire humanity and too apprehensive about the tiny little fifth standard boy, whom I met few minutes back. I have never experienced this kind of love and compassion for the fellow beings as I am feeling now.  Without wasting time, I get out of the Geography class room and started running towards my little brother to take him out of the fifth standard room. It was not too long to reach him, but I could not manage myself to reach him quickly amidst this pandemonium. Thought it was the final moment on earth, but still humans have the strange habit of hoping against all hopelessness and I lost my way in the middle of dust, smoke, heat and onrushing gold coating.

The sound of an ascending alarm bell wake me up from a torturous dream in the morning, a dream which I would never dare to dream again.

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