Assistant Professor, Department of English
Sibsagar Girls’ College, Sivasagar, Assam, India

The reviewer has gone thorough “BISHWASAR PRITHIVIT XOKOLO APUN” (In the world of belief, everyone is dear one)” an anthology of 40 Assamese poems written by established poet of this generation Prof. Kishore Kumar Deuri. A poet of deep feelings, sense and vivid imagination, poet Kishore Kumar Deuri has gifted us a good number of poems reflecting his inner world.

Words move. Music moves. The same can be said of poet Kishore Kumar Deuri’s poetry. Every poem in the collection has its music. In one of his poems ”Sahr Sah” (Shadow’s shadow)’, the poet talks about the bond between shadow and belief. In his world of imagination, he wants to replant new woodland of trees filled in with belief. In his imagination, the weary bamboo edges are deep in sleep, two hearts awake in huts, stream sleeping by stones as snow, childhood soaked in rain, pack of clouds nods, falling weary leaves........ etc.

The poet has the correct feel and this has been well expressed in his poetry. His poetry triggers the dormant human mind to see things again and think things again. Talking about his  poetry, he says somewhere: “Poetry is the expression of heart, offshoot of feelings. Poetry can be written when heart permits, .........” His sense of romanticism finds air in the poems like ‘Eti Zurir Janmagatha”( Birth Tale of a stream), Shilbur Shil Nohoy( Stones are not only stones), Sahr sah( Shadow’s Shadow), Ratir Dinbur( The Days of the Night) etc. The same is well expressed in the poems based on his tours. Travelling has deep sense of impact on the poet’s mind and this is found expression in few of his poems. Interesting aspect of his poetry is also the reflection of his childhood. Nature’s wonders like river, sky, rain flowers birds are of special importance to the poet. Nature for him is a source of belief and hope. The title poem “Bishwakor Pritivit Xokolo Apun” echoes his sense of conviction in every facet of nature. He says:
“... .........
River believes the waves,
Hence River has sea-like belief”.

The sky is personified as kissing the Sky-rain, the sea itself is an epicentre of belief........ He further carries on the same notion and says:

As the sky is blue,
So as the sea hue...
You believe me
I will believe you
Carved in belief, the deepest foliage of world.
Everyone into belief..... Everyone is dear one ,
In the world of belief.

In another poem, titled “Titim Buliye Titim O’ Nayantara”( O!  Nayantara, Let us wet to wet) rain is depicted as having pride, for it can make people wet:

“..... When rain sings its own praise,
We let loose our clay coloured Jaapi,
Rain-Soaked, we shatter its conceit....
Let the wind giggle......

Like a sculptor and an artist, poet Deuri gets images of nature drawn in his poetry: 
“Drawn in my heart,
An image of a river..

In the poem “Bhumikampa”(Earthquake), the poet has artistically said about what generally happens before earthquake comes:

“The birds chirp at night
The slumbering trees wake up
The beetle nut tree wobbles
And Bird’s nest crumples

 In the first poem of the anthology, Shilbur keval shil nahay (Stones are not only stones...) the poet sees in stone an account of happiness, despair, and a refuge for lovers for so many nights , the graveyard of so many hopes. He claims if a man can be an artiste and a sculptor, stones can also be stone-sculptor, a testimony what only an imaginative mind can see. The poet has created his own world of imagination interspersed with the sense of belief where everyone believes everyone. For him, the world will be beautiful when belief exists.  Understanding of poet Kishore Kumar Deuri’s poems really entices an imaginative mind. Going deep into his poetry, one will automatically plunge into his world of belief and imagination. This anthology published by Purbanchal Prakash of Guwahati is really worth reading. 

About the Reviewer: Shiva Prasad Mili is Assistant Professor of English at Sibsagar Girls’ College, Sivasagar, Assam, India and he is also the Editor of ELT book “English language Teaching: the North East Perspectives”.[Read More]

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