“BORGITAR BHASA-BAIJNANIK GAWESANA” - A Linguistic Research of Borgits of Shankaradeva & Madhabadeva

Viewed from the perspectives of Linguistics, the science of language and research oriented study one can reasonable say that the book “BORGITAR BHASA-BAIJNANIK GAWESANA”-(A Lingistic research of Borgits of Shankaradeva & Madhabadeva written & published by Dr. Girikanta Goswami, M.A & Ph.D. Head of the Department & Associate Professor, Post Graduate Department of Assamese, Nowgong College, Nagaon-782001 Assam, ISBN-13-978-81-920704-4-5, Price Rs. 400.00 {Four hundred only}) is a valuable book. It may be mantioned that the number of Borgit composed by Mahapurush Sri Sankaradeva and Sri Sri Madhabdeva, which have become an integral part of Assamese socio-cultural life, have been named variously by scholares, commentators as divine, holy, noble, celestial songs. And a research oriented study on these songs, placed in the category of Classical Songs also has obviously added a new dimension to the scientific study of language in general and spiritual songs composition in particular.

As mentioned by the author of the book in comparison to one hundred fifty Borgits composed by Mahapurush Sankaradeva and Madhabdeva stand at one hundred and eighty five. And most of these holy songs of Sankardeva have been included in the Ankia Nats (one act plays) authored by him like Patni Prasad, Kali Daman, Kali Gopal, Rukmini Haran, Praijat Haran and Ram Vijoya.Conversely the Borgits of Madhabdeva are included in his ‘Ankia Nats’ viz. Arjun Bhanjan Jatra, Chordhara, Pimparua Guchua, Bhumi Lotowa, Bhusan Herowa, Bhujan Byahar along with his self composed song-serials Jhumuras. Regarding the content of these Holy Songs scholars and commentators have opined that these songs contain high spiritual ideals benefit of worldly attachment and mundane aspirations. Moreover divinities like Lord Krishna of Bishu are the objects of worship by the disciples of the two Mahapurush as revealed through these holy songs. And interestingly as mentioned by the author of the book the name Borgits has been an innovative teminology of the disciples of the two Mahapuruhas popularly known as Bhakats only.

And along with this thought content of the book the author has also enjoined in it analytical study of essential Borgit culture, the types, connected anecdotes and sriptures and also an account of the methodology of the Linguistic study. Moreover in the speacial chapters of the book has been included accounts of Assamese Vrajabuli grammatical language the implications of the verbation discourse of the two Mahapurushas along with the method of writing ancient seriptures.       

This paints-taking research oriented valuable book carries a foreword by noted Linguistic scholar and Ex-principal of B.Boruah College, Guwahati, Dr. Promod Chandra Bhattacharyya.

About the Reviewer: Prof. Rabindra Ch. Bora worked as Principal at ADP College, Nagaon, Assam, India. [Read More]

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