Translated by: PranamiBania

Turbulent waves arose in the heart
Heart of the mighty Brahmaputra,
A race’s identity is in crisis.
Terrible discussions, with heat altercations; creations of numerous writings

Everyone in search of its disease

Blindly are they in search of the culprit ?

Human resource, the greatest resource is the religion of the age.
Questions about the creation of real human resource are in doubt.
Knowledge of multiple languages is of greater importance than of a single language

We are in need of knowledge, immense and diverse knowledge

The knowledge of the whole universe can’t be ignored
Who will give the source of the universal knowledge?
Inadequate source, inadequacy and limited knowledge
With inferiority, can anyone make positive progress?
The worth of the worthy can be recognized by all

Where lays the importance of the universes language for universal knowledge?
Who can resist the flow of the mind and the heart?

Within a fragrance of minutes the mind and the heart traverses through the universe.

Freedom - the song of each nation
Human race in search of survival and existence in each nation
A road to cross the national boundary so as to reach international arena.
The need of the hour is to show to the world our existence.
The impassioned mind dreams of crossing boundaries of the seven seas.
And establishes own cultural identities in a foreign land
Promises to preserve the culture in present time
The heart shines keeping alive   culture in a foreign land
Soft murmur of happiness lingers the ears.
Yes, we are able to keep alive the identity
With our intelligence and culture
Today we are full of praises and accolades
True, the sea is large and deep
But it needs the streams, lakes, rivers...
And springs to reach its completion.

About the author: Naren Nritom Das, a poet, a writer and social activist has been writing for quite some time.He is actively associated with literary organizations like Assam Sahitya Sabha and other local literary forums. Mr Das is an MBA graduate and an employee of Oil and Natural Gas Corporations (ONGC). He writes poems in Assamese and published in reputed magazines and journals.   Some of hindi poems published are “Ma”, “Dunia aur Insan”. Mr Das has to his credit a poetry anthology “Jatra: ek Arambhani”( ISBN-978-93-83308-32-3) published by Sabda prakashan in 2014.

The present poem “Language and the Universe” is a fair attempt by the poet to recognize one’s cultural identity. Language is a tool to cross boundaries and to universalize. In the time of globalization, its time to cross national boundaries so as to reach international platform. So it is not the time to speak of one language and its controversies but to preserve one’s culture and identity by honing multiple languages in the universe. [Read More]

About the translator:  Mrs. Pranami Bania is working as an Asstt.Professor, Deptt.of English, J. B. College, Jorhat. She is a writer, poet, researcher and critic and has published quite a good numbers of research and creative writings. [Read More]

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