She was wearing a pale moss green saree, her hairs tied in a messy bun. The clock was at around 7.30 am and she was in the kitchen washing the plates that her husband left for her after having his breakfast. Her palm was so poorly cracked at places that the dish wash seemed to be a monster with a sword giving pain to the wounds. She was mostly in a subconscious state and was recalling her life before she was married.

“Eera…..come, your table is ready, you need to go the office. You are getting late” her mother shouted from the kitchen. Eera woke up and was shocked to realize that she has hardly 45 minutes to rush to office. She hurriedly sat in the chair to do her breakfast that her mother has placed on the dining table. “Bye ma!” Eera rushed away keeping the plates on the table without washing them.

Her thought was suddenly interrupted by the calling bell. “Who’s it?” Eera shouted from inside. “Dudh le lijiye madam ji..” shouted the milkman from the either side of the door. She opened the door and took 1ltr of milk from him and then closed the door again and then suddenly her eyes struck the clock. Oh! Its already 8.30 am, she remembered her husband ordered her to wash his trousers and shirts. She hurriedly went into the bathroom and started washing those and once again poor Eera started thinking about her past. She started thinking how her life has changed after being in a relationship with this man for the last 10 years. She thought how she started moulding herself on every order/instruction of her boyfriend turned husband. She now regrets the day when she accepted his proposal of being his partner.

Yes, this is not about taking a stand for an-anti corruption government or something like that. This is taking a stand just against the unconventional behaviour of your partner towards you. This is an unnoticed problem existing in today’s post-modern society especially among the adults and the youngsters. I don’t say this is just in the case of the feminine gender of the society but this goes same to the men too. The men are even being treated so very poorly by their partners.

The constant demands by our partners of ‘you need to do this’ or ‘don’t go out with your friends/colleagues or parents (in some cases)’, ‘you need to talk to me the whole day and not anyone else’, etc. etc. is what irritates us being in a relationship with him/her. I don’t say every relationship has to face this but this is not false either that most among us has to. Every little nature everyone has is just because of the environment they are born and brought up in. These are those qualities which mark their existence in this world and trying to change those means trying to diminish them from the world.

Every person has the fundamental right to stay liberally according to their wish at least in a democratic country like India. This is not said in general, but laid down by the law of the land ( Constitution of India) under its Article 21 which lays down that every person has the right to life and personal liberty. And isn’t trying to vary with someone’s character is going against the law and morale of the society? Not only this but this may also make us oblivious in the eyes of our partner, we will only be feared by them not loved or respected.

I never say opposing to every single thing is healthy in a relationship because it is not every time that we are correct. But it is very necessary to oppose on the unhealthy terms by the either partner in a relationship. Just wake up, don’t just be blind to your partner, love them, respect them and in the meantime whole the grip of your life. And for every odd demands “WILL YOU TAKE A STAND?”

Love is not changing your partner as the way you want see them, it is just mixing together the varying characteristic of both of you to create a new world of your own; a world filled with LOVE, RESPECT and WORTH. 

About the author: Silpika Mohanta is a student of B.Com. LL.B.(H.) at S.I.P.E. Law College, Dibrugarh, Assam and also blogging at silpiwrites.wordpress.com [Read More]


  1. I am very much fortunate that I got The chance to read your short story regarding "unconventional behavior of our partners or towards our partners".
    It was well-written and contained sound, practical advice.
    Hope everyone will love, respect and understand their partners.
    I look forward to reading your next Innovative work.
    Thank you.
    Luv + Hugs + Kisses

  2. Thanks for your story.

    Lochon Moni Gogoi


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