By Ashima Gayon

1.   Introduction

Literature is the mirror of society.  It reflects the true picture of it and echoes the true emotion and feelings it contains. Since society is never static, it changes with the change of time, and it is literature with the varied colours tried to keep the pace of the varied changes in the society. Assamese literature is also of no exception. The enriched Assamese literature is colourful in its form & content. We found peculiar characteristics of writers of each and every age ie, the responsibility, liabilities and awareness towards the society which gets well reflects in their writings.

A comparison of the golden ages of Abhahon Age and Ramdhenu Age reveals the fact that the subject matter and pattern of writing of the writers of both the ages are different from one another. In genre of the short stories of the Ramdhenu Age, one thing can be noticed is the writer’s social responsibility and their willingness to reform the society. Though these type short stories can be found rarely in our culture but this wonderful creations have always made a tremendous effect on the minds of the readers.

One of the eminent writers of the Ramdhenu period is Mahim Bora. After independence Mahim Bora emerges as the   most powerful and popular short story writer of Assam. During his student life, 1945-46 when he was studying in Cotton College, his first short story, titled “Tritiyo Srenir Jatri” was published in the magazine “Bordoisila”.

2.   The Reflection of Social Consciousness in “Akhon Nadir Mrityut”

Mahim Bora writings gives a very vivid & Distinct of this contemporary and reflects his responsibility as a citizen towards the society. The best example of it can be found in one of his beautiful short story “Akhon Nadir Mrityut”. Though the subject matter of the story deals with the life of a fisherman Dhaneswar. But, in the broader context, the story actually covers the whole fisherman community living beside the Kalang river. The story deals with the life of the protagonist whose business gradually, day by day gets decreased. But according to the author the reason behind it is not only the change of society but the main reason lying behind it is the change in the path-way of the Kalang river. Abandon debris in the river flow of Kalang posed enormous problem. As a result, the verity of fishes in the river gets decreased and it results in the loss of stability in lives of many fishermen like Dhaneswar.
Thus we can find that - the interesting lines of the story captures the interest of each and every readers and also it shows the awareness of the writer towards the society. In the story it has been said – “the young boys and girls in the society have no interest in studies in is any other good activities. Their only interest is in passing time uselessly, roaming here and there, taking tea in the hotels and playing cards in the addas. In such a society how can we expect any change? A line was there when the people of each and every age was active & optimistic towards life. But after the country got its Independence the young generation has almost become inactive &lazy.the ever flowing stream of society of these prevailed, thus getting rhythm less and gradually lost its current and thus changed into a lifeless flow.

3.   Conclusion

In conclusion of the analysis of the description, one becomes very clear about Mahim Bora’s progressive outlooks towards the society & willingness to raise among the people through his creative interesting writings. Through his writings he wants to convey the message to the masses of every age that – in the annals of the history we found rights are owned through hard fought battle since they are never gifted so easily. So, it is very obvious that ceaseless efforts are to be made with sincerity & determination to snatch away our rights which are due but never given to us. In the stream of life we should never forget about our own self or own identity. Only then we can be able to make our progress and also the progress of our society.

About the author: The author, Ashima Gayon is now engaged in the profession of teaching the great Assamese literature to the students of Namrup College, Assam. She has done her M.A. degree from Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, Assam. She likes to contribute to this literary world through her valuable writtings. She fells proud to be an Assamese and a writer of their great literature.

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