By Pranjal Protim Borah

Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma is a sound name as far as present politics of Assam is concerned. But beyond politics he has earned for him a name as a writer. His ‘Onyo Ek Dristikon’ is a compilation of his various writings written in the year 2015 and 2016. Being a politician, he has chosen certain subjects to deliberate on and most of his articles are based on the society to which he belongs and on other issues like education, religion and politics that he has experienced in his surroundings. The author himself in the introductory part of the book states that being encouraged by the statement stated by literary legend and journalist Homen Borgohain on him that ‘Himanta Biswa Sarma is a thinking politician’, he has been continuing his habit of writing and ‘Onyo Ek Dristikon’ is a result comes out from the habit. ‘Assam and Assamese people’ is the general theme that revolves around most of his writings in this book. His experiences in the socio-political and educational fields which he has gathered in his hurly-burly of life and his hopes and aspirations which he has been carrying in his eyes are the pioneering source of his writings. The greater Assamese society and its present and future seem capturing the objective of his writings.

Throughout the book the author seems making serious efforts to make people specially the new generation, realize the facts that have been glossed over by vested interests. Though the author narrated wide-ranging subjects written on diverse issues and on different occasions, yet most of them are of common interest and it can be assumed that the readers will be comfortable to go through it.

‘Asomok Ussobhilashi Asomiyar Proyujon Kio?’, ‘Hinduttor Aadarsha – Udarota aru Harbojoneenota’, ‘Sarkari Nijuktit Swasata - Natun Sorkaror Diyeeto’,  ‘Asomiya Jatiyotabad aru Bharotio Rastriotabad’, ‘Sahansilata, Udarota aru Hindu Dharma’, ‘Dharmiyo Utsov aru Asomor Samajik Rupantr’, ‘Sikshak Divasor Aasha’, ‘Jodi Congresse Sonia Gandhik Bidai Diye’-  the titles of the write-ups are completely different from one another and through each and every write-up the writer has tried to express his personal dream which concerns for the well-being of the society. Homen Borgohain, an eminent critic therefore rightly prefaced the book with the sentence - I have a dream.

About the reviewer: The reviewer, Mr. Pranjal Protim Borah is an Assistant Professor in Jhanji HNS College, Amguri Sivasagar. He is a popular name as far as Assamese modern poetry is concerned. Banalata, the renowned publishing house has published five (5) poetry books and two (2) books on prose of this promising writer. Moreover he has experienced of editing three (3) books. He has been regularly in touch with reputed newspapers and magazines through his creative writing. Around three hundred (300) write-ups are in his name that are published in various newspapers, books and journals and out of which about thirty (30) are published in ISBN and ISSN books and journals. Furthermore, he has been in voluntary social works since his student life and for his contribution in social and literary fields he was awarded the ‘Sivasagar District Best Youth Award’, awarded by Nehru Yubo Kendro, Youth Affairs, Government of India. He is also the recipient of ‘Poet of the Year Award 2016’.

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