Pranami Bania

“Jiban Jujor Pragati” is a collection of poems written by Naren Nritom Das and published by Barnamala Prakashan in March 2017. This book contanis thirty seven poems on different themes and subject matter.Poems like Banpani, Bondho Sankriti, Nari Tumi Ananya, Niyar Sikto Pua etc touches issues like flood, bandh sanskriti, women as a symbol of power, natural beauty etc. The poems were written on diverse contemporary issues which are really relevant in the society. In poems like “Poradhinotar sikoli”, “Gorakhohonia”, “Banakrontor Artonador Dhwani” throws light on the issues like breaking barriers, soil erosion, the pangs and suffering of the flood victims. These issues are highly relevant and debatable in the present day. People in this region have always been facing the problem of erosion and flood. Every year a huge damage is caused to the life and property of the people. The poet has made some strong comment about the government initiatives to work out new plans in order to solve the problems permanently. In poems like “Bondhon”, “Premor Rong”, “Jibonor Madhurata”, “Anubhav”, “Jibonor Rong”, “Sukhor Sandhanot Ekhon Naw”, the poet very realisticalyy presented the experiences and familial relationship of his life. Das’ poems touch all the relevant issues of the contemporary Society like erosion, flood, corruption, bandhs etc. The poetry book is a very illuminating and enlighting one in the sense that beyond the lesson to the heart, each and every poem gives us a moral lesson and offers a solution to it. In the prefatory part of the book, the poet very minutely described poetry as “the language of the soul, out flowing of imagination, locating logic in the illogical, inspiration of life’s struggle”.

Poetry is the only means through which human beings can lead their life in the path of righteousness. Thus the poems of N.N. Das are likely to throw interesting light on the contemporary society. Readers can find a diversity of themes and beautiful play of symbol and images in his poems. This volume is likely to act as a valuable treasure to the Contemporary Assamese Literature.

About the reviewer: The reviewer, Pranami Bania, a bilingual poet, reviewer, translator, researcher and a writer have published more than thirty research papers in National and International peer reviewed journals. She has completed two minor research projects approved by UGC titled “Aesthetic material Culture of the Medieaval Assamese society with the special reference to Satras in Majuli” and “Fictionalizing and Revisiting the female characters from history: A feminist Reading of Nirupama Borgohain’s Selected works.” She has also completed another research project titled “Classroom Management as an effective tool in Teaching Learning Process; A Study in the context of a particular Classroom Situation” approved by IGNOU. She has participated and presented many research papers in various National and International conferences. Some of her publications are “Jatra: Ek Arambhani” in 2014, Fictionalizing and Revisiting the female characters from history: A feminist Reading of Nirupama Borgohain’s Selected worksin 2016, New Perspectives in Contemporary Literature (Co-ed.) 2017, Changing Role of Indian Women in the Contemporary Society: Issues and Perspectives (ed.), 2017 respectively. She is working as Senior Asst Professor, Dept of English, J.B. College (Autonomous), Jorhat, Assam. She is also a recipient of National  Award of Excellence, Adarsh Vidya Saraswati Rashtriya Puraskar 2016 and is  been recognised as one of the Best teacher in the Country by Global Management Council and G.J. Research Foundation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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