Nitish Gogoi
Research Scholar (M.Phil), Department of Sociology
Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Old age is the stage that marks the closing chapter of people’s lives. It is the time when people look back and review the choices they made and reflect on their accomplishments and failures. In Indian society it is the tradition and ethos that to respect and obey the elderly people, but as times passes way the positions of elderly people was not remain what we can see in our earlier phases of Indian history. Earlier it was believed that they are the more knowledgeable of the society, but nowadays these things are changed, the new civilization of family and also several of others factor strengthen the problems of elderly and also the nature of relations between old and young has been changed. However, it has negative impact on well- being of both generations. So the prime objectives of the paper is to understand the issues related to old age basically in Indian society and also to find some strategies to strengthen the intergenerational dependence. The discussed issues are economic insecurity, health, social and living adjustment among elderly and generational conflict. To achieve the objectives a descriptive and analytical method has been used with the help of secondary sources of data.
Key words: Old age issues, Indian society, Strategies, Re- establishing, Old- young interdependence
1.   Introduction
Aging is the terminal stage of one’s life cycle, which is accompanied with decreasing energy and body resources and with infirmities due to the decaying and weakening of one’s bodily organs. Such infirmities of the aging process have always been present among the older people. But in the past they were taken care of by the individual concerned and his immediate circle of relatives and as such old age did not constitute a social problem then. On the other hand, in recent times, mainly as a result of the changing circumstances, the older people have become increasingly vulnerable to their natural disabilities and have been compelled to have recourse to societal organizations to solve their difficulties.     

Similarly with the advent of globalization, industrialization, urbanization the concept and ties of intergenerational family relations has been changing and have had a negative impact on traditional socio-cultural norms and values. It basically creates many difficulties to maintain the intergenerational relation. Because nowadays the young generations are basically attracted towards new job market and become more individualistic and materialistic and hence they are migrated to urban centers. Also, they do not feel ease in adopting a lifestyle of the older generation. So it generates a distance between the generations. But it is the fact that greater solidarity between the old and young aggrandize life satisfaction among the old. Therefore, breakdown of generational solidarity creates depression among the elderly people and suicides are becoming an emerging issue among the elderly people. Nowadays intergenerational conflict increases the problem of loneliness and decreases the mental as well as physical health status among the elderly person. On the other hand, it not only create problem for older generation only, but it also have a negative impact on the youth generation too. In this regard the present study itself shows the importance of the strategic development to enhance the relations between old and young.

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