Malakshmi Borthakur

A woman was screaming in utmost labour pain
As she was on the threshold of motherhood pristine!
Everyone in the family was happy to imagine
The arrival of a little doll !
But even after a period of long 15 hours
The doctors couldn't make her deliver the child
Why? Why? Why?
With every passing moment
The question spun round rapidly in everyone's mind !
Like the leaves whirled in eddies of wind...!

In the Heaven, a 'girl' foetus was sobbing !
God, the Creator, came to her
And asked her lovingly,
"Dear ! Why are you sobbing?
Why are you still here?
For your pleasant arrival
Your beloved mom and the family
Are desperately waiting !
Go ! Go back to your mom's womb !
For you, with open arms,
A beautiful world outside is waiting !"

The girl foetus stopped sobbing
And replied vehemently,
" No ! No !
I don't want to be born !
Though I know, for me my mom and dad
Both are eagerly waiting !
When I was in her womb
I could hear their conversation !
They wanted the baby to be a girl !
They were preparing to welcome a 'Laxmi' !
What not they were dreaming about me!
My education, my upbringing, my marriage !!
Dreaming the dream they keep on  laughing !
And in the tears that're oozing  automatically
From their eyes in ecstacy
Their happiness started diving !
I too was happy to be born as their daughter beloved !
To love them and get loved !
But, oh Father ! I have changed my mind
I am not going to be born !
In that world : your most beautiful 'creation' !
The then beautiful world now is not safe for us
Instead of 'men',  there live 'vampires' and 'cannibals' !
They live on fleshes of innocent girls !
They love to suck and drink their fresh blood !
They don't even hesitate to play with
The private parts of a 'female' body
Of a five or eight years old !
Those innocent girls, who're yet to grow up !
Those body parts, that're yet to develop !"

"No ! Father !
I am not going to be born !
As I am afraid, my mom would be able to
Save me from to be torn !"
God  stood still, He remained dumb !
He has no option but to support her decision
With a upright thumb !

The doctors finally decided to go
For a urgent C - Section !
As they have tried and failed
With all possible options
Everyone outside the OT was
Praying for a safe delivery
Keeping his/her fingers crossed !
After an hour, the much awaited moment came !
And leaving all heartbroken and dumbstriken
The doctors found the sac empty
Filled with amniotic fluids only...!

About the author: Malakshmi Borthakur (Bhagawati)-MA (English), Sangit Nipun (Vocal Music), B.Ed - is a multilingual poetess, writing in Assamese, Hindi and English.

She is the recipient of many national and international awards and recognitions like 'Nari Sagaar Samman', 'Hindi Sevi' and also 'Pentasi B World Featured Poet 2018' from Philippines. She is also one of the winners of the most prestigious 'Rabindranath Tagore Award International Poetry Contest, 2018'. An alumni of DCB Girls' College, Jorhat, Malakshmi hails from Jorhat, the cultural capital of Assam and is now a resident of Lucknow, UP.

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