Original in Assamese: Tulika Chetia Yein
Translation: Bipul Deuri

‘You Too Brutus’

Dear Mitali Baa,
You Know
And me too
Sooner or later
The icy hands of death will touch the cocoon of our soul
And the music of sorrow would be played
But before singing a song to welcome death
Let's escape somewhere secretly
Where you'll sing a song for me
We'll fly above the clouds to the tune of your songs
The flame of the forest, Ximalu, Madar, and Nahar
Would bloom by the tender touch of monsoon
I'll pluck an orchid
To put it in your bun
We'll sit beside the bank of river Siang
To say farewell to the sailing boat of fallen leaves
We'll catch the golden masher by angling
And looking at the sailing boats
When the birds will dance to the tune of your song
You and I will supervene Adam and Eve
And stepping into the moss wrapped ancient place of our ancestors
I'll search the Brahmastra to build your bones
Enemies are dancing furiously
In the heart of our courtyard
We pledged to free our home, granary and the crop fields from the enemies

We will walk on the surface of ice when the moon will melt
Tease the sunshine, dancing in the rain, bathing under the moonlight
We'll look at them
Who left us by showing the mirage of love
Towards the world of abundance and luxury
For whom the meaning of love is just consumerism
Wallowing the precious ideal of love in the valley of our blood
He who can decorate his wife with Satsori and Junbiri
Standing in front, that fiery icy pain
I'll touch that siren at least for once
Fond of whose caress he forgets the shore of the river, call of the wild Sambar
The endless talks under the old Banyan tree
Those afternoons rejoiced with silence
And the evenings were filled with the chant of prayers

With the warmth of my heart, I wrote letters
Dreams of love were running with the postman's bag
Crossing the prolong nights of waiting
Came his pearls like written words after a fortnight
I touched them tenderly when woke up at midnight
Looking at the moon-dots he showed
But those were just mirages

Like clouds rain by stealing all the sins from the Earth
They built a rainbow home by stealing our dream
We ran insanely miles after miles
The pride of our love floats on profuse tears
The tomb of love broken in terrible pain
The house of love engulfed by the fire of cheating

And after that, we learned to compete with the sky, the Earth, and the stars
For you, I failed to be someone's wife
Couldn't carry on the oath of the sacred fire
Every night amidst the chest of sleeping storms
I dream inside the thunderous clouds
And wake up with somebody's weeping blues

Tell me Mitali Baa why it happens?
How far I tried to escape from the stream of love
It haunts me and you
Memories of passing days never let me die or live
What shall I do?
Just tell me...

About the author: A Poet of numerous poems, Author and editor of several books and magazines and Researcher of folk culture, Tulika Chetia Yein is a name of her repute in the field of literature and socio-cultural researches in recent time in Assam. She is writing from early time of her life and with the passion and zeal, she also contributes for most of the newspapers, magazines published in Assam regularly.

The All India Radio, Dibrugarh has been broadcasting her poems regularly through ‘Sahitya Kanon’ – a programme by renowned poets, story writers and critics on literature since 2012.

Recently, she has been announced for the ‘International Tathagat Creative Award 2018’ by Siddhartha Tathagat Art & Cultural Organisation, Uttar Pradesh, which is stated to be awarded during November, 2018 for her contribution in the fields of literature and socio-cultural research. [Read More]

About the author-translator: Conferred with the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in 2014 for translation of the English novel ‘The Immortals of Meluha’, the first novel of the popular Shiva trilogy series by Amish Tripathi, into Assamese as ‘Amisor Shiva Trilogy’, Shri Bipul Deuri published his first translation work in 2009. It is stated that he also received Amulya Kumar Chakravarty award for translation of book River Dagor of Marx Shwender. Born in Sadiya in 1957, he studied Master in History in Gauhati University and served in the taxation department of Government of Assam. 

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