Seven minutes after the departure of the flight from the runaway, it took its speed and takes a position in the sky. Radhika’s seat is in the front of the window. With the expectation of getting some rest from her disturbed mind, she glanced at the Himalayan range, but she didn’t have a distinct view as the skyline near Delhi was marked with fog. Inside the flight, the coolness increases all of a sudden.

All of a sudden, it seems Radhika’s ears were blocked and she had the feeling of nothingness. Her eyes went down. Delhi, the capital of India was seen far below the flight. The high buildings seem like bird’s cave. The big small vehicles moving on the roads looks like tiny ants.

She would, often turn imaginative seeing the aero planes flying high during her childhood. For Radhika to travel on an aero plane was a heavenly experience, for a girl who would be mesmerized by the aero planes flying on the night sky with red and blue lights. And as such in reality while travelling to Goa in an aeroplane for the first time she could not remove eyes from outside world. She flew to Panaji in Goa on a flight where birds dare not to fly. It was her first journey and she went to participate in an international poetry reading session on a flight.

On the path of the flight, there was a mixture of small and large mountains of clouds.

With the coming of the evening, Radhika could see the night’s star from very close proximity.

The starry sky with the shinning stars, it was full moon … Beneath it was dark and dark.

At that moment, the tune of the flute could be heard spontaneously at the Vrindaban of her heart.

Who blew that flute??
That Radhika dared not to change till today?

It was just a formality for her to request for a seat near the window at the counter.

Through the small window, Radhika saw a beautiful foggy sea downwards. It seems that the morning sun was floating on the boundary- less sea. The soft sunshine passes through the window and kisses her on the face. As the flight flew higher in the sky, Radhika’s mind also travels high into the horizon.
This flight travels from ground to the infinity.

Section -3

Just like the ups and down speed of the flight Radhika’s mind also travels up and down. Slowly her ears were blocked. She did not hear anything except the flight moving at the sound of the wind and the alarming sound of the flight at the highest attitude. As if she also extered into nothingness.

All of a sudden Radhika felt as if someone is calling her.
It is Tonnoy?

There is no way of communication with Tonnoy as she was flying from Delhi to Kolkata. By now Tonnoy had reached his place.     Is he thinking of her once? Radhika asked herself. This lonely journey and the nothingness of the heart–––these two have been quite unbearable. May be for the two. Radhika dared not to withdraw from the bond of ‘marriage’ after it is legally binding even if the twenty seven years old young lecturer has created ripples in her mind. Without understanding her significance in the busy life of Anurag she tied the knot with Anurag four months after her return from Bardhaman in a flower blooming season.

No news was given to Tonnoy. Where the family and society is happy there can not be any expectations left for Radhika? With silent tears from her eyes, she bade adieu to that secret feeling. That two days love. For Tonnoy.

Tonny’s mobile number changed. All communications with Radhika was disrupted. There was no link with him in Facebook, whatsapp. He might have remained far away from him willingly. From that moment, eight years had passed away.

As Radhika was looking through the window, a cluster of clouds passed by the window. It may rain. All of a sudden, the sky is cloudy. Closing the window Radhika explored her own world. Exclusively her own world––in this world her husband is not there. Her four year daughter Sujata is not there. She wanted to explore her inner self and for this reason Radhika did not attend the refresher course in Assam rather she went to Delhi. She did the twenty days course in Translation literature. Being an ardent lover of poetry, Radhika well understands that– without translation her literary endeavors are limited beyond Assam.

Ma’am, veg or non-veg?

All of sudden Radhika wake up from her world of imagination to the real at the call of the air hostess.

‘Non-veg’ as she echoed these words, the air hostess immediately gave on her hands – a special packet wrapped up with silver foil, Bread butter, an apple, a small drinking water bottle and tamarind toffees in a small tray. Besides, she gave her a small booklet of sky mart shopping.

Radhika was hungry as she left the hostel with empty stomach at six in the morning. And as such after keeping the tray on its fixed place, she started eating. At first an apple, than a special food item wrapped in the silver foil. The food item seems not very familiar to Radhika. The pieces of meat seem, unfamiliar to her. But she started eating the pieces with the fork. Butter she hates. Bread she dislikes. She kept the two items away from her and started drinking the water, when all of a sudden the plane came down slowly. Water from her mouth wets her Muga Riha.*1 Rubbing the wet chadar2 with the napkin, Radhika started looking at the Sky Mart’s booklet. On the first page, it is written “Enjoy shopping beyond the boundaries”, she read it, and then beyond it she saw the advertisement of a charger which could be charged from the solar energy with six months warranty.

“Not bad to buy”––Radhika thought in her mind. Usually electricity does not remain in the village’s house. If the charger is given to Barnil, he would love it. It would be of use to him. On the inside pages, there are many more advertisements of attractive items.

Oh no, she won’t buy anything. She won’t put a stand of any unknown wood. She might be duped.

A Co-passenger sitting next to her was engrossed in an English book. The person has been reading the book since the plan took its flight. She wished to know the name of the book, but she kept it within her mind. The person is reading it in a very secretive way. No way of seeing the cover page.

After few minutes taking away the food tray, another beautiful air hostess came to her with a trolley—

–Ma’am, Tea or Coffee?

Radhika replied “Tea without milk” after watching a cute smile on the face of the airhostess. The afternoon sky as seen from the corner of the large fans of the plan seems like a desert for her. Instead of greyish clouds there is the ash coloured equally partitioned cloud. With the heat of sun, the vapours are spreading on all sides. Above, the bluish brightness of the sky was less distinct as the ground. The sky is standing on a round shaped surrounding. As if untold secrets lies hidden on its surface.And it seems the yearnings of winter and the nuisance of the rainy season is there in the heart.

It’s the season of spring
Gone are four days of Phagun.*3

Radhika’s favourite month … Phagun. She put her first step of marriage life through the gate made by the Palakh*4, Madar*5 and shimolu*6. She put the attire of a newly wedded bride by putting an end to the carefree and silly life of a daughter. In search of love, Radhika tried to find out a stream of love in Anurag’s heart. But there was no water. Busy with government work, Anurag could only compensate Radhika with materialistic bindings. But is money everything? Beyond Physical relationship what is that thing? Which keeps alive love with heavenly feelings?

With unspoken thrust, her voice and heart has dried up when all of a sudden after eight years, she met Tonnoy. As she was registering her name in the Register Book, her heart shivers when she saw the name of Tonnoy on the same page. That means Tonnoy also came from Bangalore? With vermilion on her forehead and after long eightyears how is she going to face her first love?

In the river of her heart, there is untimely deluge why did she come to be drenched in the untimely flood of the river? Why did she come to get lost herself again?

At last the two faces each other on the long queue at the breakfast. Astonishingly he looked at Radhika for some time and at last Tonnoy called her–

The voice came as if breaking the bariers of infinity.

Radhika’s lips were shivering like the new leaves of the bamboo … with real emotions.

Eight years ago Tonnoy met Radhika. Those eight years of golden days returns like a living dream in her life. Only she is no longer that earlier Radhika. Hearing the known voice Radhika wanted to step forward, rather she stepped two steps backward. Tonny slowly came close to Radhika. Tonnoy Krishnamurti.

As the course progresses, Radhika thought that it would be better if she had not met Tonnoy in the rest of her life. For all these days, he was ruling Radhika’s heart a one and only king. With sincere gratitude, she was leading her life with his love in the concrete prison made by Anurag. Tonnoy was always with her on all those moments when Radhika could not find herself in Anurag. There was only the pure love.

Where there is trust … there is respect and love. Anurag’s unfaithfulness towards her has gradually compelled Radhika to exhaust the respect towards him. And for this reason she came to Delhi instead of Gauhati for attending a refresher course. But …? Meeting Tonnoy again, in close proximity when one can feel the sound of the breath … Radhika forgot that she was someone’s wife, a mother of a Godlike child. And What about Tonnoy? Getting engaged with a lady after long eight years, he is about to start the journey of his married life but now life seems to stand still for him.

One day getting the news of his marriage, Radhika became restless. She was suffering like a bird with broken wings. This similar condition happened to Tonnoy, when he came to know that Radhika was engaged.

When one’s most intimate one slowly becomes other’s … Does the heart pains? When she is married now what’s the meaning of being selfish to Tonnoy?

To answer this question, time is still and silent.

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