Section -6

Tonnoy-Radhika could not realize that twenty one days of the course has already elapsed in a very hectic way. At the end of the course there still remain a large number of activities like doing the D.T.P. of the seminar paper in the Laptop, writing down the home assignments and finishing the project work.

Classes are held from 9-30 to 1-30 and then there is the lunch break. After that both the teachers and the participants are completely free. After crossing the huge twenty eight gates of the Jamia Milia University, a few will reach the far away Pallika market or the con net place. A few will roam about in community market. A few will book their tickets in the multiplex and watch movies there. One or two bookworm enters the huge library. An unknown and unseen relationship was noticed between Debojit and Poppy, who hails from Duliajan. On the multi coloured flowers blooming in the garden, the two seems like two butterflies. Seeing their closeness, Radhika’s mind was fulfilled.

Tonnoy and Radhika, both of them together immediately collected a seminar paper on translation literature.  The subject of the paper is Assamese and Oriya Translation literature. As there was no previous materials on Assamese translation literature, Radhika was telling in Hindi and immediately Tonnoy was taking it down in English. He does not know Hindi properly. Still there was no problem in understanding. Just like the school students both of them tried to arrange the words into an order before writing it down.

Engrossed in work, the evening turns out to be dusk.  Completely tired, still the two would walk slowly in the garden, talking about poetry. Whenever Tonnoy gets the chance, he would often speak of one poem:

“May be your heart torementing you?
Why should it have any reason to wipe off that negativity?
Put on some positivity
And when you think you are the only one
Who can’t find love in this world?
Tell yourself, there’s another one.
Who is waiting for you?
Somewhere somewhere…”

To forget tiredness, there was continuous talk on poetry. In midst of the talk, Tonnoy sometimes look at the eyes of Radhika and he becomes perplexed. Eight years ago the brightness of love that was seen in the eyes of Radhika has not in any diminished with the line of vermillion on her forehead. He was afraid to look at her forehead.

This is like a laxman rekha for love … and to cross beyond it might lead to trouble.

Radhika looked at the two fingers on her right hand. And after one month, the middle one of the five fingers will put-vernillion on the forehead of the engaged one. Tonnoy will be physically others. The question of right will come to his wife. But who has the control over the mind? Impossible. Keeping the body in the sitting room the mind can touch the peaks of the Himalayas.

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