All of a sudden, there are clusters of cloud here and there. It doesnot not look like  cloud, rather the ‘Meghdot’ of Kalidasa … as if it is carrying the news of lovefrom Ramgiri to Alkapuri. If there could be any spiritual medium to give away Radhika’s message to Tonnoy? But of course, in the age of internet, facebook, whatsapp, messages, this is an illogical thing, if anyone hears it.

Once while travelling in Kingfisher airlines from Delhi to Guwahati, Radhika saw distinctly the mountainous region of the great Himalayas. One could only see the mountains till the eyes could reach. With the sun rays fallen on it, the ice clad mountains were shinning brightly. She herself feels like the living Jakhya* of the Ramgiri. In the Kingdom of Alakapuri, it is as if a modern Jakhya is waiting for her.

This was probably the condition of things before her marriage. She had probably taught in her classroom about Jakhya11 and the beloved of Jakhya which was amply, reflected in the epic ‘Meghdoot’; but the present beauty that her eyes captured from the skyline was indescribable. That is why Kalidas is an epic poet … who drew the language of the heart through the eyes of imagination.

Radhika thought … are love and marriage is the same? Love can turn into marriage, but the love that is lost in hand, what is the name of what love?

What is the definition of marriage? Is it only the right of the husband towards the body of the wife? Without the consent of the mind, the physical body is like a dead body. This body can never be a temple. Even if it is a temple, the lamp does not shine in the morning and the evening.


Again Radhika is in the depth of this water. From the skyline, Radhika could witness another huge blue hue. Is the huge blue watery body, the Bay of Bengal? The plane might be flying above West Bengal. If she could have a map with her? There was sudden disturbance in her mind. She thought within herself––reaching home, she should look after the route in which she was travelling. She will be confirmed if she looks at the air-route from Kolkatta to Jorhat. And also she could find out which river she offered her prayers, if it is Ganga or not? Is every river a Ganga? Do not all the rivers carry away the rubbish just like the Ganga?

Gradually the inside temperature is becoming intense cold.
The pilot is announching the outside temperature which is 70C.

She pressed her nose with a shawl that she brought from kullu. Her nose is experiencing numbness because of the cold. She is not feeling well. A tendency of vomiting is disturbing her time and about. As there was no passenger near her seat, she was feeling a bit relaxed. At least these two hours are intimately hers. She could do anything––she could think, she could write. There is not any companion.

Taking out Jhumpa Lahiri’s The lowland, Radhika started reading she is also declining towards the lowland step by step.

A mild voice of a women announced­ … Jorhat is now only eighty kilometers away. The inside, temperature is slowly increasing. The plane’s flight is also decreasing downwards slowly. Not much time left in reaching home.

She is retuning home after 26 days. But with empty hands and with empty mind.

As if there is nothing to give someone or get something in return. After a few moments, she will be imprisoned in five rooms of the 2000 square feet concrete flat. Having spent a part of her life in the muddy atmosphere of the country life, she can’t love the harsh life of the flate. It seems she can not breathe freely in this life. In contrast to her father’s thirty hectares of vast green land, in this limited dimension of the house, she even can not speak aloud in her anger. People of the nearby flate will over hear the conversation. No, she can not denigrate her impression in front of others. All her hidden angst and fear, she uses to hide it inside her heart. They owned some land, but Anurag has no time to construct a house. He is  in a frequently transferred job. This time also before the election, nobody knows where he will be transferred.

Parting from Tonnoy in the Delhi airport, following words came to her mind …

“We will meet again
Where, I don’t know
When, I don’t know
But I know
We will meet again some sunny day”
Radhika toughens her heart. Not in this way.

If one happens to meet someone–– then may be in reality this might be possible someday.

Nobody can compel that.

If Radhika has to meet Tonnoy in the evening of life for a moment, what is the problem of others?

Radhika thought about herself …

“To speak honestly, I met Tonnoy eight years ago, it was love at first sight, I love him till this day.

Not in search of physical proximity, rather far away from the eye’s sight.

Nobody knew the thought of my mind when and how the unseasonal Krishnasura12 is growing fast. This physical body her of until and unless it get mixed with the sand, someone at a distance will sacredly pronounce a name …

‘Radhika’ … what more does  Radhika expect.

What’s the name of this relationship? Asked several time this question. In the opinion of the society, it is misbehaviors. But with that mental strength with which I am still living amidst the sadness … how can this love be cheap …?”

Then what’s the need to be broken down by memories? From today onwards, she has to work with renewed strength.

Radhika took a deep breadth.

After sometime, they reached the airport of Rowriah. She again tied the seat belt firmly. With it, she also tied firmly her heart with an unseen chain. Holding her nose with the middle and old finger, she let the wind pass away from the ears.

At last approximately at 1.45 p.m., the small plane of the jet airways landed at Jorhat.

The outside temperature was 290C.

Inside the plane, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the opening of seat belts. The airhostess was waking to and fro at full speed. No one has the time to wait … everyone is busy returning home. At one time, the plane halted at the runaway. Immediately the fans moving with electricity became distinct to the ears. This is how Radhika’s flight of the mind ended.

A melodious tune of music enchanted the interoir of the flight.
The son sad accompanies the home coming spirit.
Slowly Radhika stepped her feet in her own world.
The smell of the land is very familiar to her.

To get down from the plane, there was no provision for special stairs. Outside the airport, Anurag might be waiting. Or May be he has send the driver. If the driver didn’t arrive then Radhika might take an auto to reach the flight. The third floor of the Prince Enclave’s concrete building is waiting eagerly for her.

Reaching the flat she will open the window of the sleeping room … that window, which Anurag has probably kept closed all these days for the fear of the dust entering it. From the next day, she will watch the morning sun rise and sunset through that window.

Time has progressed. And no not any more. Radhika will decorate her life in her own way. Four months ago, Radhika had the chance to go to her village home as to offer condolence to the dead body of her great-aunt. Since she had no son, so her only daughter was to put fire on the dead body. Standing in front of the death pyre for the first time, Radhika got face to face with a real truth. If death is the ultimate truth––then why people are so conscious about themselves, their properties, their wealth during their life span? Then why people are jealous of one another, why people are mortified at another’s prosperity?

She is not afraid sitting in front of the death pyre of her great auntie. She was just waiting and watching the corporeal body that was being burnt in the pyre. One day she will also be burnt in the same way. At her time, there may not be any funeral ground left. Her corporeal body will be burnt for a few hours in a gas burner on a public funeral.

Then in this short life, why people are so selfish that they try to hate one another? No, not in this way. She has to set free Tonnoy from this tempting relationship in a cheerful way. It will take time … let it be. For this she has to do arduous practice … the practice of sacrifice. She will try to kill silently the pure love that she has towards Tonnoy. No one will notice the firm rays of light that she had treasured for in heart.

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